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Which skills do I need to work in management

I'm thinking about having a career in management, specially in the communication industry. I enjoy looking the big picture, organizing work, and looking for people rather than looking. My aim is to have the opportunity to work in a big company like Verizon, AT&T. Frankly I'm pretty shy when it comes to speaking to large audiences, but I think I can work in that.

Which skills are needed to be successful in a big organization like those?

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Hi Igor,

I have met many different managers during my career so far, and when I think about describing a manager, I think about the two big jobs of a manager. The first is managing what ever part of the business they are supposed to manage (the work, the project, or the product), making sure it is successful and achieves the desired goals and result. You already listed good skills to have from that perspective, including looking at the big picture, being about to spot potential risks proactively, and being highly organized. A good manager needs to be able to communicate both to their team and up to leadership and to sometimes have hard conversations. They need to be able to admit when something is going wrong, but be able to communicate how it will be fixed. There is a brutal juggling game a manager has to participate in, balancing the company's goals, their boss's goals, their team's goals, and their own goals, because most times, all those goals aren't the same. The manager's job is to make them all align and keep everyone happy. Sometimes managers do need to present in front of a large group. No one honestly is not a little nervous before presenting, but it is one of those skills that you can practice. I suggest getting someone you trust and practice presenting to them. Present on something you know well and ask for advice on how to do better. There are a number of resources online about presenting with tips and tricks you can use.

The second big job of a manager is to manage their people. All the managers I have liked always genuinely cared about me as a professional and as a person. They would remember my boyfriend's name, remember my birthday, ask about how my weekend was, etc. They would ask for feedback on how they were doing and what they could do better, and actually listen and change accordingly. They would get down into the trenches with us on a regular basis and never threw us under the bus even if we had made the mistake. They were all people I wanted to be friends with and work very hard to not disappoint. Their actions inspired loyalty and dedication, not fear.

So with all that said, a good manager needs to be a likable person, honest, a good communicator, a genuinely caring person, a referee, highly organized, articulate, firm but not bossy, proactive, and willing to listen and act on constructive criticism. Now most of this can't be put on a resume, but leadership roles can and will help you hone and refine these skills. Determine the type of manager you want to be and then just practice.

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A good manager will have skills across all functions of the organization, regardless of the department they are in. Skills in HR, accounting, legal, operations and project management are key. While detailed knowledge is not necessary, a good working knowledge is key. This will allow a manager to look at the bigger picture of what is best for the corporation and make decisions for the team based on that vision. I have worked for a major communications company for 17 years and all of my great managers have had this overall knowledge. Secondary to this is good people skills. Learning how to talk to people and how to listen to them across various personality types is key. How you converse with person A on your team can be and will be totally different with how you converse with person B. Most management courses of study will care for this training and if not there are third party vendors (such as Dale Carnegie) that provide skillsets to make you a better manager and a better person in general.
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Management is about business and people. Two key skills that will help you with both is active listening. The ability to truly be able to listen, acknowledge and understand the message your team is trying to tell you. As a manager your team must feel like you truly are listening and responding to their needs. You cannot help solve problems are build effective teams if you do not ACTIVELY listen to your team. Another important skill ironically is being an effective communicator. Good communication breaks down barriers created by having such a diverse team. It also reduces the amount of errors and increases productivity. To be honest active listening and effective communication go hand and hand. Becoming an active listeners makes your team feel like you are a personably person and it makes them want to work even harder for you. Being an effective communicator makes your team clearly be able to achieve the overall business objectives.
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