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Yuritzi Jan 22, 2018 660 views

What is the most difficult challenge students face in college?

I'm asking this because students all over the U.S have different experiences, and challenges based on where they go to college and the classes they take. Although, i'm pretty sure most challenges are similar in one way to another and this will help me be more prepared for college and be aware...

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Vanessa Mar 23, 2018 841 views

Why are there not more females that help or support other females in college?

#female-empowerment #women #empowering-women

rebecca’s Avatar
rebecca May 25, 2018 1255 views

How can a black person win at life?

#life #minority #cantpayforcollege #college #success #career-path #goal

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Mar 21, 2018 618 views

Strengths & Possible Careers/ Industries

If my strengths are being a multitasker and energetic/ positive person, what types of careers or industries might best fit me? #strength

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Jessica Jan 24, 2018 998 views

Do you have to love you job?

Does anyone really love what they do? #lovemyjob #career-counseling #career-path

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Ariel Mar 20, 2018 1148 views

Should I focus on making money or doing what I love?

##life-#advice-#friendship-#love-#anything-#psycology #work-life-balance #make-money

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Kamryn Mar 04, 2018 664 views

What is the best way to save money for college if someone is bad with money?

I am not good with money.#money problems

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jul 24, 2018 836 views

As an adult what are some good money saving strategies

#money #money-management #everyone

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jacky Jan 03, 2018 952 views

what can i do to help people in need of shelter and food?

i asked this question because i want to know how to help the people in need of a lot of things and help them sucsced in life and put a smile on their faces. also because they deserve a lot of help and i want to help them. #helping

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jan 17, 2018 928 views

How different is real life from college?

Does college prepare you tot take care of yourself in the 'real world'? Are the skills I learn here pertinent to life after and if not what resources can I pursue to help me in life? #college-advice #college #graduation #young-adults #life-skills #life-transitions

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 13, 2018 1070 views

How can I better manage my time?

I am a full time mom, full time x-ray technologist and a full time student. What is a good way to manage my time so that I can give diligent attention to all my responsibilities? #time-management #momlife #healthcare #bachelorsdegree #Ialsoneedgymtime

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Aug 07, 2018 497 views

What are the best attributes to have when going into a business career?

Business careers like marketing, business management, and business law #Business

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Jan 16, 2018 888 views

Is being in college as fun as people say it is?

Many college students say that college is the coolest thing ever but most adults say it’s not as fun as it sounds..


Esther Lapite’s Avatar
Esther Aug 15, 2018 746 views

Has there ever been a time you doubted your major or career choice? And how did you go about handling that?

#doubtcareer #notsure #career-choice #major #clinicalpsychologist

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Feb 15, 2017 1040 views

As a any type of management is the stress of being a manager ever too much?

Hi I am a high school student looking into management and am wondering how stressful being a manager generally is. You watch movies and you see the managers putting in so much time and effort with so many stresses. How much of that is real and how much is exaggerated. #management