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Wing L. May 10, 2016 696 views

How can we receive the first Accounting internship?

I am confused when I am facing with the future career. #accounting #internships...


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Emma H. May 26, 2016 578 views
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Michael W. Jul 28, 2016 1814 views

How do you "small talk" in socal situations to keep it from getting awkward?

I was recently in a meeting with a judge hopping she would be my mentor to help me into the field of law and i think there were many times when we had those awkward silence moments and i just hope that my terrible social skills didn't mess it up. #business #social #networking...


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Anna C. Aug 16, 2016 1535 views

What other careers involve studying history besides a teacher?

I love history. But, to be honest, I can't see myself as a teacher or anything like that. I also want a secure job, and I don't believe studying history will yield those results. Any advice?...


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Esther C. Oct 15, 2016 824 views

What must an elevator pitch consist of?

Interviews are coming up soon and every one of my professor emphasized on the question: Tell me a little about yourself. This is where the elevator pitch comes in, but I cannot decide what information is significant enough to be included and what is not. What tips do you have for the elevator...

#job-interview #interviews #job-coaching #employee-relations #interview-preparation

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Marlee H. Oct 30, 2016 615 views
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Abdulwahab A. Jan 28, 2017 843 views

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job? Eg. Finance or Accounting? #business #accounting #job...


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Andrea W. Sep 02, 2017 641 views

Would getting an associates in accounting benefit me?

Hello, I've always been interested in #accounting and #business. I have always loved helping my grandmother in her office when I was a child. A year ago, I ended up getting this wonderful position as an office manager at an auto repair shop. I know I am doing a great job, but I feel like there...

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Annette C. Sep 28, 2017 469 views
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Jasmine M. Sep 28, 2017 441 views

Is Accounting the right degree?

I am a junior in the University of North Texas at Dallas. My degree is Accounting but I am afraid I am making a wrong choice in regards to my degree. I feel this way because I have heard that Accounting is very boring. What I want to do is help with the profit of a company. Is this the right...

#major #university #accounting

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Garima J. Oct 14, 2017 693 views

How do you deal with people who tell you that you can't do this job/career?

As a women and a person of color how do you handle oppression, discrimination and comments of people/society tell you that don't do this, you can't handle this because of your gender and culture? #equal-opportunity #cultural-diversity #gender-discrimination #employment-discrimination...

#women-empowerment #oppression-in-the-workplace #female-empowerment #empowering-women

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Igor A. Nov 17, 2017 1128 views

Which skills do I need to work in management

I'm thinking about having a career in management, specially in the communication industry. I enjoy looking the big picture, organizing work, and looking for people rather than looking. My aim is to have the opportunity to work in a big company like Verizon, AT&T. Frankly I'm pretty shy...

#management #project-management #communications #verizon

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Keziah R. Jan 22, 2018 201 views

What's it like being able to juggle everything in college?

Since most people take extremely difficult courses, they might have extra curricular's, etc... how might one be able to go on about it? How can they make things easier on themselves?...


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Renee R. Apr 26, 2018 376 views

Does passion outweigh income?

Considering that school is expensive, is it worth it to get a degree in something you love, or something that will make you the most amount of money? Is it actually possible to find a combination of the two? #higher-education #moneyoverpassion...