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How can we receive the first Accounting internship?

I am confused when I am facing with the future career. #accounting #internships #intern

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5 answers

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Allison’s Answer

1. Look at the list of companies attending your college career fair

2. Identify a subset and research what they do and the jobs available (don't attend a career fair and ask companies what they do, your resume will be ignored. Show that you at least have a cursory understanding of what they do and ask intelligent questions)

3. Attend the career fair with a number of resumes at the ready

4. Ask recruiters how to apply for their internship if they are offering them

5. Get the recruiter's business card

6. Apply to the internship (most are online today)

7. Follow up with the recruiter with a thank you email

Repeat as often as necessary.

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Josh’s Answer

Hi Wing,

As mentioned above by a few people, sometimes the best plan you can do to get into an Accounting Internship would be to do you're research. I would suggest what a few people ahead of me have; Join your College's Accounting Club, Go to your College/University career fairs, see if there are any upcoming meet and greets with prospective employer's you would like to work for. As long as you have an idea of what area of Accounting you would like to work in, be it Corporate Tax, Small Business, Audit or even MnA. Look into the firm's internship programs and speak with your school counselor to see what additional opportunities you can be missing out on that your school can provide.

Good Luck!

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Rachel’s Answer

Joining an accounting society/club at your college would be a great way to find out how the application process works where you are; that's how I learned how to apply and how best to present myself at the recruiting events.

Personally, I got my internship with PwC by going to a Meet the Firms event at my college and filling out an online application. A different internship I did I got through my college's internship program's website (filled out the application there). Most companies and most colleges would have similar online applications I believe.

I am not sure if it is the same way in Canada, but I'd think it would be a similar process.

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Casey’s Answer

Casey recommends the following next steps:

Do your research, look into what accounting internships are out there and which ones you are interested in.
Find a contact. There are many ways you can find a contact to reach out to about an internship. (1) Your school may have alumni contacts that you can use. (2) You can attend a career fair. (3) You can reach out to your personal network. (4) Check out the companies website.
Tailor your resume/cover letter to each job you are applying for. Show you did your research, a little effort goes a long way.

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Ann’s Answer

The way I got my 1st intermship was by mailing letters to many different companies. Today that would be emailing. I was offered 2 different internships that way.