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Esther Dec 02, 2016 835 views

Can you share your experience on how you determine what type of accounting you want to focus on?

Today while conversing with my school adviser, she asked me what type of accounting I wanted to focus on. It was until that moment that I learned that accounting has three focus: taxation, auditing, and financing. I did a lot of research over the past few days because she wanted me to get back...

Kent’s Avatar
Kent May 13, 2016 1982 views

Is becoming a CPA worth it?

I am technically a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, but my neighbor (who owns his own CPA business) says I should get at least a minor in Finance and go on to earn my CPA license. All I really want to do is start my own small business and operate it...

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Oct 23, 2016 5647 views

Do accountants typically use calculus or basic mathematical functions?

I would like to know where I should focus more on brushing up my skills. #accounting #personal-development #math #mathematics #career-details

Shayla’s Avatar
Shayla May 11, 2016 19405 views

Why did you become an auditor?

I just heard about this job. I'm great with numbers, and do well in math class in high school, but this job sounds kind of boring. Do you like your job as an auditor? Is it really as boring as it sounds staring at spreadsheets and numbers all day? I'd also like to hear why you chose to become...

Siena’s Avatar
Siena May 14, 2016 1025 views

In what ways is a career in forensic accounting different and more or less rewarding than careers in other areas of accounting or business?

I am considering forensic accounting as a career and understand that it will require unique preparation besides majoring in accounting. I am trying to determine if I should add this additional preparation (additional coursework) to my course load while I am an undergraduate in case I want to...

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole May 18, 2016 1185 views

In your professional opinion, do you believe the increase in technology will decrease the demand for accountants because some of their jobs will become obsolete?

I am planning on majoring in accounting, but I am beginning to worry as I've heard comments about how technology will decrease the demand for accountants and therefore getting a job will be increasingly difficult. #technology #jobs #accounting #majors #demand

Wing’s Avatar
Wing May 10, 2016 1026 views

How can we receive the first Accounting internship?

I am confused when I am facing with the future career. #accounting #internships #intern

Tina’s Avatar
Tina May 13, 2016 1241 views

How do you finance graduate school?

I want to go to medical school. #college #medicine #finance #graduate-school

rekha’s Avatar
rekha May 05, 2016 885 views

what should study to become an Accountant?

i am intrested in accounting job #accounting #accountant