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Siena May 14, 2016 934 views

In what ways is a career in forensic accounting different and more or less rewarding than careers in other areas of accounting or business?

I am considering forensic accounting as a career and understand that it will require unique preparation besides majoring in accounting. I am trying to determine if I should add this additional preparation (additional coursework) to my course load while I am an undergraduate in case I want to...

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Siena May 14, 2016 1068 views

What careers and career preparation would you suggest for someone interested in the Law and also considering earning a degree in Business?

I will be a business major next year and am trying to determine if I will also explore some criminology or pre-law type classes. It will be difficult to double major in both areas. However, I think I would like to position myself to follow both of those interests. I also like foreign...