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What careers and career preparation would you suggest for someone interested in the Law and also considering earning a degree in Business?

Asked Orange, Ohio

I will be a business major next year and am trying to determine if I will also explore some criminology or pre-law type classes. It will be difficult to double major in both areas. However, I think I would like to position myself to follow both of those interests. I also like foreign language studies. #business #accounting #international #criminology #criminal #business-law #pre-law #international-law

2 answers

LaShona’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I suggest taking a lot of classes that require writing, reading and quantitative thinking. Law School requires a lot of writing so if your skills in that area need to be sharpen that would be your focus area. Other suggestions would be psychology, philosophy, and public speaking.

Rose’s Answer

Updated Ashburn, Virginia

Business and Communications would be a good combination to prepare for a joint JD/MBA. If your goal is to practice law and not pursue an MBA, you could major in Business and minor in Communications or Psychology.