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Orange, Ohio

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Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara Sep 21 70 views

How can one be comfortable with where they are in life, in the moment, and not have to think of the future?

It's almost impossible to not worry about our next day, or next week, years from now. So how can we admire our lives in the now? whether good or bad, it's an experience that's uniquely designed for us, and shaping us into who we are.

Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan Sep 19 20 views

What’s the hardest part about being a professional dancer?

I am going to college for it and don’t know where to start after

samiyah’s Avatar
samiyah Sep 19 14 views

What are things I can do to become a STNA?

I want to become a STNA

janiya’s Avatar
janiya Sep 19 72 views

How can i get a job thats perfect for me ?

I want to work in STNA

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Aug 25 94 views

Are CCP courses to get ahead in high school worth it for medschool?

I am a student taking college courses to try to earn the credits while I am still in high school

adrienne’s Avatar
adrienne Aug 22 250 views

What is the best course of action when I figure out that I don't want to do R&D as a 4th year STEM major?

I have been doing undergraduate research all summer and this job is too unorganized and too isolated for me to feel satisfied. I am a material science & engineering major with a passion for doing something good in the world but I don't know how I want to do that good.

Lilly’s Avatar
Lilly Aug 16 102 views

Is it possibleto geta scholarship without doing a sport that is available at my school?

I've always loved sports but none that are available at my school a big one for me is figure skating I am no where near a personal level but if I get better around my senior year I was wondering if there any programs or something that would pay for me to get through school

Mya’s Avatar
Mya Aug 10 240 views

What is the best field of law to major in?

What is the best field of law to major in, depending on salary, skills, and workload? I want to work in law when I graduate college, and I'm in 8th grade right now. I am good at math and ELA and am also interested in finance. I am also interested in making a good salary, which is very important.

Maddison’s Avatar
Maddison Aug 03 64 views

How to blend skin tone colored pencils?

How to make skin colors on paper more realistic?

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Jul 29 61 views

What is the best way to market myself?

I want to be seen as someone who is professional and creative to my professors while still enjoying my college life and being relaxed. Im just looking for some advice on how to balance professionalism and being more casual in college.

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Jul 25 56 views

How often should i workout to get into the police force and stay in shape for soccer?

How often should i workout to get into the police force. i go around 5 times per week. but i also cant get too big otherwise it can affect my sport. any ideas?

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Jul 10 118 views

What are the qualifications for being a realtor?

Do you need college? If so how many years and what major? If not what kind of education do you need?

Madyson’s Avatar
Madyson Jul 03 73 views

What should I do when I can't keep focusing in my online classes?

What should I do when I can't keep focusing in my online classes? I take online classes during the summer and go to school in person for the normal school year and i can't seem to be focusing at all.

Sorangelys’s Avatar
Sorangelys Jun 30 86 views

How many years does it take to become a veterinarian ?

Cosmetology, languages, animals and travel

Johnmarie’s Avatar
Johnmarie Jun 30 86 views

How many years take to study Business administration? ?

I want to know because one of my goals it's to open a business but I do not want it to take a lot of time, I would like to open the business after I finish collage.

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