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Darin D. Aug 06, 2018 184 views

How competitive is it to get an on-campus job or employment opportunity?

What percentage of students apply for these jobs? How many of those applicants get accepted? How many jobs are offered on an average college campus? What are the typical qualifications desired of applicants? #campusjob #job #campus #money...


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Emily S. Jul 10, 2018 264 views

Dorm, on campus living; vs apartment,off campus living...

#campus #college-life #college-advice #residence-life #transferstudent I have orientation for transfer students coming up and will most likely be commuting for at least my first semester. The reason being, I don't want too much debt when I get out of college, and also, I would like to meet...

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Madison M. Jan 17, 2018 372 views

Branch or Main Campus?

My dad was relatively okay with the college he heard I was going to... until he realized I would be going to the branch that's only 15 minutes away from home, so I can commute, instead of receiving my education at the main campus of the school and staying in the dorms. I decided to go to the...

#choosing-a-college #campus #college

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Diljot S. Mar 07, 2017 473 views

Is living on campus or off campus better?

I would love to know your opinion #college #canada-university #campus #offcampus...


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Raina R. May 20, 2016 1811 views

Do many students work on or off campus in collge? How easy is it to find a part-time job?

I am asking this question because I am considering working while on campus. Although I have been told it is a very strenuous thing to do whether on or off campus, i would still like some professional input as well. #work #college-jobs...


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Rachel R. May 19, 2016 417 views

Should I stay on campus?

I can't afford to stay on campus but my mom is offering to pay for my room and board. #college-life...


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Amira Z. May 12, 2016 719 views

Is it better to live on or off campus?

Which one is better? #university #life #campus #dorms...


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Mitra D. Aug 06, 2015 1221 views

Does visiting a school before applying increase your chances of getting in?

How important is it to visit a college and show interest in it before applying to it. Will a college not accept you because you haven't visited their campus or taken a tour? #college #admissions...