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Does visiting a school before applying increase your chances of getting in?

How important is it to visit a college and show interest in it before applying to it. Will a college not accept you because you haven't visited their campus or taken a tour? #college #admissions #campus

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1 answer

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Elizabeth’s Answer

The short answer: it depends on the school
Some schools have "on site admission days" when a student can visit the campus and apply that same day. Although they will still look at your academic profile, the fact that you are physically there and showing interest may certainly increase your chances of admission. If that is the case, you will want to make sure you do your homework and research the school as you will want to indicate why you want to go there and what you plan to bring to the campus community.
Other schools require an in-person interview. This, paired with a tour, will be time well spent as if shows you are committed to the admissions process.
Touring a school is also great because you may have the opportunity to strike up a conversation with an admissions counselor. Although there are no guarantees for admission, leaving a good impression can't hurt. They may "go to bat" on your behalf when your application crosses their desk.