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TashinaCodman1 . Jan 17, 2012 3607 views

What post-secondary school educational requirements are there to become a hair stylist?

[This question was merged from original questions found below] (A) How many courses must you take to become a hair stylist? (B) If you are a hair stylist and you want to take 1 college class is there a possibility for you to work in a job? (C) If you are in a four-year college bachelor's...

#stylist #college-majors

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RS P. Mar 12, 2014 2398 views

What skills, work experience or educational background do you look for when you recruit for these jobs?

My objective is to pursue a career in the medical field and I want to know what educational background recruiters look for. #doctor #career #medicine #physician #recruiting...


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Clarissa V. Mar 17, 2014 971 views

What's it like to be an athletic trainer?

I'm really interested in becoming one and i want to know if its always exciting on the job #athletic-training #athletics...


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how many years do i need to go to college to be an obstetrician gynecologist?

i'm doing a research project- and can't find the right answer! this is my career and yet this question puzzles me.... #physician #careers #surgeons...


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Troll M. Mar 26, 2014 659 views

What area of study should I undertake?

I am really interested in biotechnology and I hope to one day develop a medicine to help thousands of people. However, I want to have a stable career and make a decent amount of money. What major should I take in college? #career #college-major...


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Matthew A. Mar 26, 2014 1217 views

Is going to grad-school a financial gain or risk?

I am wondering if i should start an account for my grad school due to the lack of financial aid #finance...


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How would playing soccer for a NCAA Division 1 school and majoring in engineering work out?

I'm a Lafayette student of the class of 2018. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Civil Engineering. #engineering #sports #soccer...


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Melissa S. Mar 26, 2014 991 views

How do i make a really good Resume

I want to have a really good resume to make a good first impression to the place im applying to...


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Melissa S. Mar 26, 2014 1121 views

is It Hard to balance a job and high school at the same time?

I dont play sports of any kind i'm in high school and wondering if having a job may feel like i would fall behind in my classes #job...


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Leslie N. Mar 28, 2014 692 views

Educational Requirements for a Physician's Assistant

What are the educational requirements for a Physician's Assistant? What major(s) should I focus on? #medicine #physician...


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Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1232 views

Grad School

How much will grad school cost? #psychology #philosophy...


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Lori G. Mar 31, 2014 3632 views

Confused... Should you chose a job based on your enjoyment or based on compensation?

I am a girl who is not exactly sure about what I want to do but I would like to know how people chose their career options. #medicine #law #education #health #career-path #government...


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Bryan G. Mar 31, 2014 1034 views

How did you use networking to get you where you are?

I'm Nathan Reynolds and i want to know this because i would like to acquire the knowledge of networking. #college #cooking #culinary...


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If you are a teacher, is there time for yourself?

I am interested in teaching, but I've done community services for my teachers by helping them file works, and I've observed that there is a lot of work. I know that I should chose a career that I like and enjoy in the future, and from my experience so far, filing works for my teacher, gets...