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What is most exhilarating about doing research in college?

I am going to try to do a lot of research in college, and I was just wondering what others thought about it. #engineering #stem-education #renewable-energy

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2 answers

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Peter’s Answer


For me there were two big advantages to doing research in College. The first was that I was able to closely interact with the research professor. This is something undergraduates typically rarely get a chance to do. It can be very inspirational and it allows you to glimpse up-close a very high caliber academic person; one who can be very useful later on for a Recommendation. The second aspect is the joy and adventure of participating in cutting-edge research. You often are able to work with a highly motivated team of other students and professionals. and the work you are doing will often advance lead to an advance in Science or Engineering. How often does one get to that in Life? I encourage you to enthusiastically go after this great pursuit!

Pete Sturtevant, PE

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Elizabeth’s Answer

The end product!!
Researchers can often feel like unsung heroes since it is a lot of independent work and only you really know how much progress you are making and what little discoveries you are finding. When I was writing my thesis paper, there were many quiet and long nights in the library and computer lab - working by myself - note-taking and highlighting away. Once you begin putting your notes into paragraphs and those paragraphs become pages and you really see your work coming together - that is when things really become exciting and you start feeling that sense of accomplishment.
If you are lucky, you will be able to present your work to a team of people - professors, friends, family - and they will follow up with questions, comments, compliments. That is when you look back and know all that time was well spent!!