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How are STEM schools different from regular universities? Are they geared specifically towards STEM skills or are you learning other things as well?

Asked Memphis, Tennessee

I want to have a major in biomedical engineering but I also want to learn other things. I also want to major in Spanish. I love the language and I want to continue my study in college as well. #engineering #spanish #stem-education

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Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington


I am not aware of any "STEM" universities; at least none of the numerous major universities. All of them offer a wide variety of class subjects, majors and minors. The difference might be the degree rqts. of the individual departments at a university. Some departments may require more courses in your core area/major. That would potentially leave less time for courses in other topical areas, at least if you wanted to graduate in four years. I suggest that you check with the individual bio-engineering departments at specific universities that you are interested in to learn their core rqts. and ability to take broader, non-core courses.

Good luck, Pete Sturtevant