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What technical institutes also have good theater opportunities?

Updated Rochester, New York

I'm looking to go into physics/astrophysics, but I'm also an avid theatrical actor. Are there any universities that are strong in both?

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California
Hi Abby! Great question! So you will have to do some research on this one as many technical colleges are designed more towards career programs; however the two programs you are interested in aren't necessary technical programs but STEM programs so you should have an easier time finding a match. For example, many colleges - liberal arts or otherwise - have physics as a major. Astrophysics is a more defined field but schools like Boston, Arizona, and others will have both. Here is a link with a list of schools with astrophysics programs that might interest you: https://www.cappex.com/colleges/majors/Astrophysics-337