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When should I write my SAT?

Hi, I'm confused about how the SAT works, because I'm from India.
When should I take my SATs?
Should I take it immediately after my 12th Final Exam? Or before it?
Will it be hard for me to prepare for these two really competitive exams at the same time?
Or will I have a break after my 12th exam to study for the SATs?

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8 answers

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Ro’s Answer

In addition to following the advice that has already been offered here, please note that the SAT and ACT are not being accepted by certain colleges. This is a new situation, and systems like University of California are not considering the SAT anymore. This is why it will be important to first find out if the school you will be applying for will accept the SAT. If you are choosing a school that will evaluate your SAT score, then study and take it soon (2nd half of Junior year is normal). If the school you want to apply to is not using the SAT, make sure to find out what the criteria is for admission. Best of luck to you!

I'll keep this in mind. Thanks Ro! Samyukta S.

Congratulations on over 50 answers helping students Ro . The new success of yours is yet another milestone in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with lot more successes. John Frick

to JFrick: just following your lead. Thanks! Ro L

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Summer’s Answer

It depends on when you're applying to colleges. Generally, you want to take it your junior year of college (I took mine in April), but some people do take it early senior year. If you are applying to colleges right now, you want to take it as soon as possible. Currently, many colleges are not requiring test scores due to the pandemic.

I found that the SAT isn't too hard to prep for since the categories aren't too difficult. The hard part is learning how to take the test itself. I studied for about three months total, but it wasn't rigorous and I was happy with my final score.

You could also consider taking the ACT if it's offered where you live, since that can be a standardized test that people do better in if they are fast test takers.

Thanks for your answer Summer 😄😄! Samyukta S.

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Kylie’s Answer

Hey girl! I took my tests in my junior year, that way I was able to take classes so I could get higher scores, and retake the test a few times to see how well I could really do, and most colleges accept your best score. I know a lot of people take it their senior year, and that is totally okay! You will have time, but I recommend doing it earlier in the year so your colleges have more time to accept your score and accept you! Also, if you take it earlier and don’t do as well you can always take it again and you wont be as stressed on time!

Heya Kylie, Thanks a lot for answering! 😄😄 Samyukta S.

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Anne’s Answer

Are you planning on applying for colleges for Fall 2021 (starting semester being around mid to late August)? The application review process varies from school to school for freshmen applicants. However, I believe most students take test during their junior (3rd year) of high school. Students generally graduate in their senior (4th year) of high school.

If you are applying for colleges for Fall 2021, you should probably see if you can take it soon, but you do have *some* time. See if the schools you are interested in will accept test scores after you submit the application. See about "rolling admission", as in, the school will accept applicants until seats are filled (we usually accept students right until the start of the semester).

It can be hard to study for multiple exams at the same time. Time management and organization becomes a key to aiding your studying habits. Set time every day for studying and review, and remember to take breaks and eat good food. Some people don't study everyday though, some do - I find it better for me to review almost everyday, but will need 1-2 days of a break during the week.

Look up collegeboard and read about an overview of the test. I personally have never taken ACT/SAT and I have a bachelor's degree. If you find it to be too stressful, you can find colleges that are "test blind" (not required at all) or "test optional" - especially because of COVID. You can also look into community colleges, as they are the least expensive type of college, and do not require SATs.

Thanks a lot for answering Anne! 😄😀 Samyukta S.

This is very good advice. Sheila Jordan

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Srividya’s Answer

I would say around end of 11th or beginning of 12th grade (so that you aren't stressed about 12th grade exams), I think with new change in education policy(NEP), possibly at the beginning of secondary year. Try taking a lot of listening exercises, practice your vocabulary. Focus on analytical problem solving skills, school work would certainly help with Maths. Take a lot of practice mock tests.
Personally for me reading up fiction/non-fiction books helps a lot in addressing any gaps in written communications and comprehension skills.

Great advice, thankyou Srividya! Samyukta S.

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Vineeth’s Answer

SAT is administered 5 times a year in India. The test is usually conducted in the months of March, May, August, October, and December. There have been some changes in the administration dates of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests in 2020 due to COVID-19

Indian students who have completed their 12 years of school education successfully from any recognized Indian board or university can take SAT for admission in the different streams available at various American colleges.
There is no criteria of minimum marks etc. for appearing in the SAT Reasoning Test or SAT Subject Tests, but several colleges need a good SAT score along with a good academic record. Besides that colleges conducts their own tests, like Essay Writing, Personality Test etc and also ask for Curriculum Vitae and recommendations from teacher etc. A nicely written CV (Curriculum Vitae) so that it reflects brilliantly about the aspirant may be of great help. Some colleges will also need you to submit a TOEFL score.

Some colleges specify the Subject Tests they require for admission or placement; others allow applicants to choose which tests to take.

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Rachit (Richi)’s Answer

-I would say end of 11th Class or the start of 12th Class would be the ideal time. Be aware that most early action/decision applications are due in October, so getting a headstart is important.
- Most colleges have waived the SAT requirement and made it optional. So if you have strong academic standing and co-curricular activities, you should start apply through Common App asap.
- CBSE/ICSE have you covered for the Math portion, be more focussed on getting the vocabulary guides. For me, Reading was the most challenging part of the SAT and required a lot of effort.

Thanks a lot for your answer Rachit! Samyukta S.

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Arindam’s Answer

Your first try at the SAT should be in the second half of 11th grade. If you choose to take it a subsequent time, near the end of 11th grade is fine, as is the very beginning of 12th grade. Be aware that taking the SAT later than October of your senior year of high school may impact your ability to get accepted to college soon enough to begin studies the autumn after your high school graduation.