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Elijah Oct 24, 2018 808 views

Why are IB classes stressful and hard for some students

#IB #college #high-school-classes #student

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Mutharasi Jun 25, 2016 1590 views

Degrees and Job Opportunities in IT Field

Hai. I am Mutharasi. I am interested in IT Field. I have opted Computer Science Group Doing My 11th Std. What are the Degree's which support IT Field and the Job Opportunities in India(Tamil Nadu). Apart From Engineering. Pls Let me know the UG and PG courses of field. #professor #computer...

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Samyukta Sep 02, 2020 1015 views

When should I write my SAT?

Hi, I'm confused about how the SAT works, because I'm from India. When should I take my SATs? Should I take it immediately after my 12th Final Exam? Or before it? Will it be hard for me to prepare for these two really competitive exams at the same time? Or will I have a break after my 12th...