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what stepwise planning i should doo persue my career as adental officer at government sectors like defence or army or airforce?

I m persuing my BDS degree currently nd wld do my internship soon...would like suggesti
ns on how to start and approach
what exams I shld prepare for
how shld I prepare myself for further #government #indian airforce #army ...# defence #india #air-force

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3 answers

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Syeda’s Answer

Every year the ADC declares a certain no. of vacant posts for desirous civilian dental surgeons to join the army as dental officers towards the month of May -June. The prerequisite is a necessary answering of, and having secured a rank worthy of getting a call for the interview in the NEET PG exam(previously AIPGDEE). This range of rank depends on the no. of vacant posts so declared.

But now, with the advent of NEET PG exam, the ranks shall go further backward, as a lot of people further would have already joined PG by the time the army vacancies are out.

Once you get a fair rank and you apply, they’ll send a call letter if you are shortlisted, asking you to appear for an interview at army dental center, research, and referral, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi on a specified date. Now as far as the interview is concerned , they analyse you in a personal interview by a board of around 7 officials, evaluating you for what is called, the OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES.

Once the interview is done for all on the specified day, they declare the candidates who have cleared and these selected candidates are supposed to go for medical examination. Once the medicals to are cleared, after a month or so, the list of selected candidates is declared on the Indian army website, in which they put a sequence of selected candidates solely on the basis of their performance in the interview.

You directly get a call letter at your address) and Once u get the call letter, it will be specified towards the center and place where u r supposed to join, you will have to communicate with your senior official there n so on….

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Vikram’s Answer

Hey Sarah,
You can join Army Dental corps as Dentist after finishing your graduation provided your age is less 45 years. This is the only central government job which does not have reservation.

You can't directly join corps as permanent commission officer. You need to complete a stipulated amount of tenure as ssc officer before applying for PC.

Since last few years rules have changed with regards to entry. Earlier they used to call directly based on the final year marks but now you need to first clear NEET exam and get a decent rank to get a call for interview.

Depending on the number of seats open that year, they will call ten times the number of candidates based on their Neet rank for the respective year. For example if number of seats are 34, then top 340 people who have applied for vacancies will be called for interview.

Notification generally comes out in April or May after the Neet exams are over. So you need to keep a look out after you have given your exams. Clearing Neet doesn't automatically means that you will get a interview call. But you need to have a decent enough Neet rank. Cut off rank changes every year.

Once you get a call for interview, selection will be purely on the basis of interview and medicals.
Best wishes

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Iyyappan’s Answer

You will need to qualify in neet, and apply for AFMC ( Armed Forces Medical College).
You may find more details about it in https://www.afmc.nic.in/
AFMC is only college in India that trains medical undergrads to become Army Doctors.