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Is living on campus or off campus better?

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I would love to know your opinion #college #canada-university #campus #offcampus #oncampus

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2 answers

I think it comes down to what you want from your college experience. I lived on campus as well as off and three were pros and cons of both. If you are wanting to be a part of the "college life", then I would live on campus. You are closer to everything that is happening and there are always ways to connect with those that live in the same dorm as you. If you want time away, then live off campus. That way you can recoop and not have to live by the rules in the dorms! Good luck!

Last updated Mar 13 '17 at 03:25 PM

For what? Living? Social activities? Resources? etc.

If living, it depends what your financial situation will allow. Personally...I prefer off to get away from where I spend the majority of my day.

Last updated Mar 07 '17 at 02:54 PM
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