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I want to be employed doing work that addresses inequity.


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Rebecca A. Jun 22, 2018 415 views

How should I prepare for a Consulting Case Interview?

I'm interested in management consulting. How should I prepare for the case portion of interview? I haven't taken any business classes, although I have taken micro economics and macro economics. #consulting #interviews #case-interview...


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Rebecca A. Jun 21, 2018 452 views

What career options are there for economics majors?

I am studying economics at Brown; I really like how economic thinking can solve problems, but I am not a huge fan of math (I do not plan to take any beyond statistics and Calc II which are required). I am very interested in public policy, but more from an applied microeconomics view (rather...

#professor #research #policy #phd #government #economics #career

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Rebecca A. Jun 19, 2018 264 views

Should I go to law school?

I am interested in pursuing a career in public policy. A lot of people are telling me I should go to law school, but I don't really have that much interest in actually practicing law; rather, a lot of jobs I am interested in are dominated by former/current lawyers (ex: state legislator). Would...

#law #law-practice #degree #law-school #policy #lawyer #attorney