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Would getting an associates in accounting benefit me?

Hello, I've always been interested in #accounting and #business. I have always loved helping my grandmother in her office when I was a child. A year ago, I ended up getting this wonderful position as an office manager at an auto repair shop. I know I am doing a great job, but I feel like there is more I could do to benefit the business. Would getting an associates in accounting benefit me? How would it benefit me?

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Hi Andrea - Great to hear that you are interested in #accounting ! This website: is really helpful in understanding how an associates degree can advance your knowledge in accounting and the potential career paths. The great thing about an associates degree is that it normally can be completed in 2 years vs. 4 years for a bachelors degree - and would normally be less student loan debt. If you decide that you're interested in pursuing your CPA, you can supplement your associates with the required courses. The Florida CPA site should help you as well: . Hope these resources help!
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Hello Andrea, Even if you never became an accountant or get your CPA, an accounting degree will help you run the repair shop or possibly help you start your own. Any business requires accounting to run, trace money, pay expenses, get financing, file taxes, etc. Some colleges have a general Business degree where you could learn about Marketing, Finance, Management, etc in addition to Accounting, which will all help supplement your current job and allow you to bring fresh ideas to the repair shop. You may even find another career that interests you even more. Good Luck!
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Hi Andrea, Check out this website that has a lot of great information about an associates degree in Accounting. If you're unsure about committing to an associate's degree, you could also pursue an accounting certificate. If you find a good program, then the certificate coursework can count toward a degree. You would complete it faster and perhaps be able to leverage it to a bookkeeper position. If decide to pursue either the certificate or associates, I highly recommend spending the time researching the programs to find a good fit for you. Especially important is what resources they may have for finding employment and also for transitioning your credits to a bachelors degree. Keep your options open for the future so you don't have to do additional coursework unnecessarily. Wish you the best! Janet #accounting-certificate #accounting-associates-degree
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