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What is it like to work in "Big 4"?

Asked San Carlos, California

I am about to head off to college where I will be majoring in business administration with a concentration in accounting. The college I'm going to is highly recruited by the "Big 4" and I would really like to work at one of the firms, #business #career #accounting #job

4 answers

Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the business world. Maeve! Wow, the question is somewhat generally speaking so I will answer what I know about the Big 4 okay. Referenced to what I know about the Big 4 I do know that in the past they have downsized. Most of the time these are accounting firms, however, fortune 500 companies. Fortune five hundred companies are large corporations, firms. Accounting Firms, however some of these firms are failing due to software replacement for accountants. Financial analyst, if you want to work in business for large corporations, suggestions go to that company’s website and see what job positions are open, the demand from the labor and stats department online, also you want to know if this is a growing field or is not a predicted field outlook and growth. Last I checked this is not a growing field. Many business majors are out of work right now have been downsized and laid off. I am sorry to tell you that I do not want you going into the blind thinking you’re going to get some spectacular job. How many people and classes are by volume are they sending out the door? This takes a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0 or better with a niche, to be completely honest, to get on with the big 4 is near impossible. Unless you’re going to Harvard or Yale or have a huge advantage. You must elaborate more on what you mean by getting on at the Big 4. Are you proficient in Math and engineering, accounting etc.? The big four hires people formally most of the time. You may want to look at other options along with the Big 4 and hope that you’re a chosen one, and if you are not no loss because you have done your homework with other job opportunities. If I can help more let me know. You can go to the Big 4 .com website or research the big four before making decisions, and for sure the college you are attending who is giving you this information. Good luck I do hope this has helped. I want you to prosper. Be wise. Another reference to the big four is four hazards on a job. So I must ask do you mean accounting firms or Fortune 500 companies. Thank you.

Thank you so much. I'm only a senior in high school so I haven't really thought realistically about a career. Many scholarships asked me what my plan was after graduating from college and I thought it would be nice to work at a big 4 firm. I know 2 people that are currently working for Ernest and Young after having an internship there and they love it.

Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

That is very nice, however, we are thinking of what you capabilities are and what you like to do and so on. Have you taken any type of skills, or an exam that are located online for majors? Well, you can use your computer to do searches in your address bar. Whatever you type in the browser will search for you such as exams for college majors, or testing for a skills exam about likes and dislikes in a career path college majors or list of careers you may be interested in, there are so many options that skies are the limit for you. I am not trying to discourage you from any goal or dream that you may have, success for you is why we are here. We should focus on what skills that you accelerate strengths, which you have achieved so far in your area of study. Have you thought of what you may want to do? What are your strengths? What is your weakness as far as your G.P.A? Start with your GPA and what you like, then that can also help you to choose an idea career you will enjoy your job have fun everyday while working. If you want the Big 4 go for it. I found a test that you can take to see what your likes and dislikes are then you can review the results the first test is for your aptitude the second test is for personality and what you may like or dislike. Both are links so you can copy and paste into your browser address bar this should take you directly to the page. The first Link of the webpage below is "Select Smart " the second link is called "What You Should Major In"? Suggestion, if the site cost any money move on to another. Most test sites such as these are free. Some college prep.test tend to charge money. At this point you will not need a SAT or ACT site this site helps your decide what career path you can choose. Never pay for a site like a sample test etc, we can locate free sites. The best of luck in your career path. We are here for you.. Good luck. www.selectsmart.com/collegemajor/‎ What Should You Major In? - TestQ www.testq.com/education/quizzes/158-what-should-you-major-in

Elena’s Answer

Updated Brookline, Massachusetts

Great question! I initially interned at Ernst & Young (one of the big 4) as an external auditor during my last summer in college. I was then working full time at EY after I graduated. Working at the Big 4 in general allows you to be able to gain many valuable skills including multi-tasking, prioritization, working with people, being a team player. In general, you are assigned a few clients where you will usually travel to that client's site and work their with other EY members (usually consisting of staff, seniors, manager, and partner). You interact with the client quite often. I would like to note that you learn a lot but at the same time, working at Big 4 generally requires more hours than a usual job. There are "busy seasons" where it is during year end audit time and hours can average 70 hours or more a week. Other times, working hours are averaging 45 to 50 hours a week. Hope that gives you a little bit more sense of working at a Big 4, good luck!

Casey’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Maeve! I have been working at a Big 4 accounting firm for close to a year now and I have to say it has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life thus far. If you are a hardworking and driven person, then this is is something for you!

You may hear about the long hours, the late nights, and the tight deadlines, which is all true, but that is not all that the Big 4 is about. The Big 4 invests their time and money into creating well rounded business professionals. The learning curve at these firms is very steep, you learn so much in a short period of time. You learn skills like time management, budgeting, client relations, and leadership development. The skills you attain from working at a Big 4 accounting firm will be ones that you will carry throughout your career.

I hope you are up to the challenge!