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Maeve May 13, 2014 5336 views

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I know at school towards the end of the year many students begin to slack off. How can you keep yourself motivated during this time? Sometimes work can also be repetitive so how do you keep yourself motivated at work as well? #school #work #motivation #focus

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Maeve May 06, 2014 1990 views

How do AP tests help you with your college degree?

I know that by takin AP exams you can get college credit. Will this help you complete your degree sooner? How many AP exams do you recommend students to take? #college #ap #advance-placement

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Maeve May 01, 2014 1134 views

What is it like to be in a professional sorority?

I am thinking about joining the professional business sorority at my college next year. I don't really know much about it. Has any one had experience with professional sororities. I have heard a lot about social sororities. What is the difference between these two? #college #professional #sorority

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Maeve Apr 30, 2014 1353 views

Would you recommend taking classes over the summer for college?

I know many people that spend their college summers taking classes. Would you suggest this? I know that it can help you get ahead to graduate early or to stay on track. #college #classes #courses #summer #class #course

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Maeve Apr 29, 2014 1617 views

What should you do over the summer when you are in college?

What are your suggestions for summers during your college years. Should you look for a job or find an internship. #job #summer

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Maeve Apr 29, 2014 1057 views

Is it possible to study abroad during the summer?

I'm not sure if I want to study abroad during the school year. Are there colleges that offer study abroad programs in the summer or during school breaks like winter break? #travel #study-abroad #summer

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Maeve Apr 29, 2014 1272 views

Is it better to live on campus or off campus after your first year of college?

I have heard that living on campus is better for academic success. Is that true? Where I am going to college there is not that much housing on campus or off campus close to school. Where would it be better to live? #college #colleges #housing #on-campus #off-campus

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Maeve Apr 29, 2014 1498 views

What is it like to study abroad?

I am thinking about studying abroad while I am in college with a business administration major. I was wondering what it is like to study abroad. Is it a good experience? Is there something that you learn while in a foreign country studying than just staying at one university for four years....

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Maeve Apr 27, 2014 1321 views

Will companies pay for you to continue your education after you graduate from college?

I have heard many people say that some companies will pay for you to go to graduate school. I really want to go to graduate school but I also want to work at the same time. Is this even possible, #education #graduate-school #graduate #college-graduate #companies

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Maeve Apr 26, 2014 2727 views

What is it like to work in "Big 4"?

I am about to head off to college where I will be majoring in business administration with a concentration in accounting. The college I'm going to is highly recruited by the "Big 4" and I would really like to work at one of the firms, #business #career #accounting #job

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Maeve Apr 22, 2014 8677 views

Would it be helpful/easier to get a job if you have a masters degree?

I am going to college soon and at the college I am attending offer a combined bachelors and masters degree. Will this make it easier to find a job? #college #business #accounting #job #masters #bachelors

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Maeve Apr 22, 2014 1799 views

What is the CPA like?

I am about to enter college as an accounting major. I have heard a lot about the CPA exam. What is covered on this exam and do you think that colleges prepare you we'll for the exam? #college #business #accounting #exam