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Caitlin O. May 27, 2016 514 views

Should the rigorousness of a job be considered for when choosing a career?

Ever since 3rd grade, I have put myself in more rigorous academic situations (specifically Gifted and Talent and the International Baccalaureate Program) and I respond well to hard work. Will all of the difficult courses I have been taking, I started to look at jobs that require a lot more...

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amy B. May 13, 2016 554 views

When will changing a major make you go to school for extra time?

not sure what I want to do but want to graduate in four years #college-admissions #admissions-counseling #course...


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Maeve K. Apr 30, 2014 787 views

Would you recommend taking classes over the summer for college?

I know many people that spend their college summers taking classes. Would you suggest this? I know that it can help you get ahead to graduate early or to stay on track. #college #classes #courses #summer #class...