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Reily C. May 13, 2016 830 views

Is human biology a good major for sports medicine?

I will be attending UCSD, majoring in human biology and want to be a sports medicine physician. #sports-medicine #admissions-counseling #sports #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #sports...


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Lauren P. May 18, 2016 1187 views

In what fields is a master's degree necessary?

Hi. My name is Lauren and I am about to enter my freshman year of college. I am going in #undecided on my major during my first year in order to gain a liberal arts knowledge with a variety of classes. Someone told me that back a couple of decades, a college degree almost guaranteed you a job....

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Esther C. Nov 12, 2016 718 views

Does one bad grade like a 80 on my transcript affect my chances with top tier colleges?

I have been freaking out lately due to the constant drop in my AP US History quiz grades. Except for this class, I have excelled in my other classes. Additionally, I have never gotten a grade below 90 before and my overachieving mind hopes to find some reassurance from college counselors and...

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David L. Oct 22, 2016 499 views

I need to find the best scholarships for me

It is just my mom and myself and I would like to graduate college with as little debt as possible. #scholarships...


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Christian M. Aug 11, 2016 516 views

How much does the parental contribution increase for the colleges I'll mention if I try to pay it all off by scholarships?

I heard from the Standford admission office that if you try to pay off all the parental contribution through scholarships, they reduce your need based financial aid and increase your parental contribution. How much do they increase it by? Do they also do this for MIT, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA,...

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Nikhita M. Jul 10, 2016 747 views

How do you find the right volunteer opportunities that help in building experience for the career of choice ?

I love to volunteer and have been volunteering since I was young. Recently I received an advice that I should volunteer strategically. I wanted to find out what others thought. #career-counseling #volunteering #student-counseling...


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André F. May 18, 2016 590 views

I studied mostly in Brazil in highschool, and my grades were around 60-70%, would this seriously hurt my GPA?

I am asking this because I am afraid that my GPA would really hurt my chances of getting accepted to college. Moreover, I took my 10th grade in US and had a GPA of 3.15 in Montverde Academy, and in my 12th grade I attended the American School of my hometown with a GPA of 2.87 (3rd quarter),...

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AveryAna P. May 15, 2016 568 views

Hello, Neo-natal is the field I would like to pursue. What classes should I take in college to help pursue me in this certain direction?

I love helping others and being able to know what classes I can take right now in high school as well as in college would be very beneficial and helpful. #teacher #college-admissions #neonatal...


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amy B. May 13, 2016 689 views
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Joelle B. May 12, 2016 569 views

Which will better the chance of one getting into pharmacy school or even getting a good job in the pharmaceutical field. Experience working at an independent pharmacy or working at a corporately owned pharmacy (such as Walgreens)?

As a high school senior, I believe I should get a job that will prepare me for my future. I would like to know which will benefit me more when it comes to college and the real world. #college-admissions #pharmacists...


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Student Voices by CV .. Nov 11, 2015 6791 views

What is The Common Application and what are some advantages and disadvantages of using it to apply to college?

This question was asked by Derek from Oklahoma. He's a sophomore in high school who wants to go to college, so he's beginning his research to better understand his options and how to apply. #university #higher-education...