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Would you recommend taking classes over the summer for college?

I know many people that spend their college summers taking classes. Would you suggest this? I know that it can help you get ahead to graduate early or to stay on track. #college #classes #courses #summer #class #course

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5 answers

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Rachael’s Answer

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Summer courses can be a big advantage. I took summer courses at a community college and at my university so that I could have a lighter course load during the school year. Here are a few things to think about:
1) Will the course DEFINITELY count for credit at your university/college. You need to check with the registrars office about transferring credits from one institution to another. I took my statistics class one summer at a local community college, but I made sure that it would count toward my degree and that it would not just be an elective credit. Elective credits do not enhance your ability to graduate on-time or early.
2) I took two courses at my university over the summer while I stayed in-town to work a part-time job. This had a few advantages: I got to take a class that isn't usually offered and had unique subject and I wasn't paying rent over the summer even though I was living at home. Again, both courses counted toward my degree and one was an online class format (which I took even though I was in-town and could have done the in-person class instead) The disadvantage was that I was also paying for all my costs myself (food, utilities, gas) when usually my meals at least would have been covered by my parents while living at home.

The big key is making sure that the classes will be credited toward your degree. It's both expensive and time-intensive to take college classes and you wouldn't want to waste your money on something that was not valuable to you, unless it was something you were very interested in or passionate about!

Good luck!

Thanks for the info! Andrea H.

Thank you this was really helpful and will help me plan my summers better thanks Maeve K.

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Richard’s Answer

There are advantages to taking summer classes:
1) can help lighten your load during the school year so you can concentrate on a smaller number of classes thus improving your grades and comprehension of the subject.
2) can help keep you on track for graduating on time. This is particularly important if you change your major during school and have to take extra courses.

However disadvantages include:
1) may increase the cost of college. Some universities charge the same price per semester regardless of whether you take a full course load. If your school does this, you may be paying extra for the summer classes.
2) summer is also a good time to explore other opportunities such as research or finding an internship in your field of study.

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Rachel’s Answer

I was never a strong physics student, so I chose to take physics at a community college in my home town during the summer. The classes were smaller and less challenging. Medical schools will weigh your application heavily based on GPA. They almost never take into consideration whether you took a class at a community college-- just whether you received an A.

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Estelle’s Answer

I liked summer courses to allow me to have more flexibility in my schedule during the school year. Getting credit via study abroad or online courses for my community college would be my recommendation.

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Ari’s Answer

I would recommend making a plan of what courses you need to take during a full school year and consider whether you can handle a certain amount of credits in a semester. If you cant then I would recommend looking into summer classes at a community college and making sure that the credits will transfer. In some cases the amount of credits that you earn at the community college will be less than what you will earn at your university so watch out for that! Also consider the fact that taking classes during the summer or winter means that you might have to pay a couple thousand dollars out of pocket so make sure that it is something that you can afford to do before doing it.