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Second semester senior :)
Redwood City, California
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Andrea Apr 30, 2014 2759 views

What is it like being in a sorority and should I consider joining one in college?

I've heard about hazing which scares me a bit, but I've also heard a lot of good things. (I'd also love to hear about experiences had in fraternities and how that may have affected male professionals on the site as well.) Does joining one help build up a network and is that helpful in future...

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Andrea Apr 30, 2014 1375 views

Pros and cons of working at the college you're attending?

The university I'm planning to attend has many job opportunities for students to work on campus. I was thinking about doing it as it would help financially and also just to get work experience. Should I? If I do decide to, should I wait until my sophomore or junior years? Or could I handle it...

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Andrea Apr 29, 2014 2143 views

Does attending an Ivy League or prestigious college affect the way potential employers view your application?

Could this give you an advantage when it comes to looking for jobs after graduating or even just internships during college? I will be attending an Ivy League next fall. #career #education #career-path #college-selection

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Andrea Apr 29, 2014 6932 views

Pros and Cons of being a pediatrician vs a veterinarian?

I am a senior who is going to major in Animal Science in college (I've already been accepted). I was told that the beginning pre-requisite classes for pre-vet and pre-med track students are fairly similar and you can cross over somewhat easily if you change your mind. I have always wanted to...

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Andrea Apr 25, 2014 1212 views

What are some jobs you can go into for marine biology?

I'm interested in what you can do after studying marine biology.

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Andrea Apr 23, 2014 2111 views

What is the starting salary for a small animal veterinarian?

This being for either California or New York please. #veterinarian #veterinary #animals #salary

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Andrea Apr 22, 2014 1509 views

I have always been interested in being a veterinarian or a teacher. Are there any jobs that incorporate both of these themes?

I am a senior in High School who is planning to follow a pre-vet track in college. #teaching #teacher #veterinarian #veterinary

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Andrea Apr 22, 2014 3976 views

UC Davis vs Cornell University for a pre-vet track?

I was accepted to UC Davis for animal biology and to Cornell University for animal science. I know both are very good schools for veterinarians and have highly rated and ranking vet schools and programs. I have heard that Cornell is a bit more hands on work and there is a lot of opportunity for...