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Redwood City, California

Within 40 mile radius
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cesar 11 hours ago 62 views

What are the benefits in aviation mechanics?

in any state

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Jasmine yesterday 54 views

Is taking a gap year to work a good idea?

I was planning on taking a gap year, but my family is telling me not to. The thing is, I want to work in a Veterinary Clinic to see if I like it. Or should I do my General Ed at least.

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Jasmine yesterday 71 views

How to get into radiology school?

I was just wondering how do you get into radiology school or even in the work field.

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Jasmine yesterday 57 views

What school is easier?

How hard is radiology school compared to Veterinary school?

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Heidy yesterday 35 views

What’s the best age to start working?

and why that age?

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Christian 2 days ago 221 views

How can this website help me prepare for college and what it has to offer?

I am in 11th grade and wanting to learn more about the major im wanting to explore more which is computer science.?

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Bianca 2 days ago 123 views

Why kind of support services does each college offer?

Some say that one has more benefits than the other.

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Bianca 2 days ago 99 views

What if I don’t know what career exactly I want to do?

Im in between 2 different majors

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Bianca 2 days ago 119 views

How difficult will it be for me to adjust to my college lifestyle ?

I will be by myself as an individual

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mike May 20 257 views

What are some things to learn quick about going into college ?

What are some things to learn quick about going into college

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mike May 20 208 views

What are good ways going about college ?

What are good ways of going about college

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mike May 20 152 views

How to become a sport analyst ?

How do become a sport analyst

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Valeria May 17 426 views

How did you overcome your personal/outside life from getting in the way of your education?

I personally am the type to let everything get to me so like work and personal problems, they'll stop me from doing my work in school which I have to prioritize. I need to find a way to help me keep going even though there are MULTIPLE different things going on, I try not stressing myself and...

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nellie May 15 277 views

I'm interested in being in business/marketing as a job and signed up for a financial literature class for next year when I get into 9th grade. How do I prepare myself for success so I can achieve my goals in business?

I'm in 8th grade currently but I'm going into 9th soon.

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Peyton May 15 231 views

How to be successful in life ?

How to be successful in life?

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