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Redwood City, California

Within 40 mile radius
Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie 6 hours ago 8 views

What are some good places to start or programs that I can do if I want a career in medicine, but I'm still in high school?

I'm 15 and want to get ahead in my volunteering and experiences. But my school doesn't have that many programs and I have no connections to any nurses or people experienced in that field. All the programs I've seen are limited or expensive, so what should I do?

peter’s Avatar
peter 7 hours ago 14 views

Does build pc can be a call a job ???

I'm very passionate about it, but among them, building computers is my favorite because I enjoy handling computer parts. However, I'm worried that nowadays almost anyone can build a computer by themselves and without their assistance, so I'd like to know if building computers is a profession or...

Yohana’s Avatar
Yohana yesterday 23 views

What type of jobs can I get related to transportation?

what type of job can I get related to transportation and can work sitting in the office?

elias’s Avatar
elias yesterday 17 views

what would should I expect to do daily as an electrician?

Hi im Eli im learning electrical one question i have is what should i expect to do on a daily basis.

Yohana’s Avatar
Yohana yesterday 26 views

How can I be a successful painter ?

How much money do earn painters?

Yohana’s Avatar
Yohana yesterday 32 views

How can I have my own business in fashion design?

How much money do fashion designers earn in their own business?

Israel’s Avatar
Israel yesterday 18 views

Is there education help for Mechanics?

Furthering edication

Israel’s Avatar
Israel yesterday 9 views

Is there sick pay leave for mechanics?

Financial help needs to be met and fulfilled on the end of the job as I do mine.

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa yesterday 24 views

What's the biggest difference between registered nurse and Medical assistant?

A registered nurse and Medical assistant

Natnael’s Avatar
Natnael yesterday 18 views

Questions about Real Estate?

how can get a real estate permit?
what is the requirement?
when I get the permit?

Israel’s Avatar
Israel yesterday 11 views

Is there room for growth in the mechanic work?

Mechanic in the making

elias’s Avatar
elias yesterday 17 views

Is there any heavy lifting in the career of an electrician?

hello my name is Eli im learning electrical im here to ask will i be doing any heavy lifting and if so would it be as much as a carpenter?

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa yesterday 30 views

is there room for growth in this industry?

Medical assistant

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa yesterday 19 views

How much does an average psychologist get paid?


Reyna’s Avatar
Reyna yesterday 15 views

Questions about Security Manager positions?

What are the required skills for becoming a Security Manager?

Who is the right person for me to talk to about hiring me?

Where is a great place to meet and speak with the manager or associate about the job?

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