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Would it be helpful/easier to get a job if you have a masters degree?

I am going to college soon and at the college I am attending offer a combined bachelors and masters degree. Will this make it easier to find a job? #college #business #accounting #job #masters #bachelors

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7 answers

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Jillian’s Answer

If you are looking to go into the accounting field, you can definitely be successful with or without a master's degree. While having a graduate degree will be a factor that many companies will use in evaluting potential new hires, it is not the only factor, and obtaining a master's degree will not nocessarily make finding a job right out of college easier. Specifically within public accounting, I have started to see more staff at our firm who graduated with both a bachelor's and a master's degree, as many schools now offer the combined programs you mentioned. This can also be a good way for students to meet the credit hour requirement in order to sit for the CPA exam upon graduation (if this is something you are considering). At the same time, I know many people (myself included) who have been successful within the accounting field without a master's degree. I have also known many colleagues who started in public accounting after undergrad and then went back to school for a master's degree after working for a few years. Often times having work experience can help make the master's experience much more meaningful. At the end of the day, you should make the choice you think suits you the best based on your desired career path. Best of luck throughout your college experience!

Thanks so much, this really helped Maeve K.

Thank you! Andrea H.

Thank you Jillian this is really interesting! Savera B.

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Pran’s Answer

It really depends on the field that you go into. For most engineering fields, you can get a job with just a bachelor's degree. A Master's degree can help, and usually the salaries are higher, but it's not essential. For teaching, they often prefer a Master's degree, or a PhD at the college level. I'd say that first you should decide what field to go into, and then ask the question specific to that field.

I agree with Pran that your intended career will determine whether a master's degree is necessary, and if so, you should get it as part of your undergraduate degree. One place to figure that out is by asking academic advisors at your new college. They should be very familiar with your course of study and the benefits of their master's program. Justin Pollack

Thank you so much Maeve K.

Thank you for the info! Andrea H.

Thank you Pran this is really interesting! Savera B.

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Dana’s Answer

The obvious answer is yes, a master's degree does help you obtain higher level employment more quickly than someone with only an undergrad degree. And if you can get a combined Bachelor's/Master's in your field of interest, I would suggest you do it.

When I finally got my Master's, I had been in my chosen field for 18 years. The Master's was just for me, I thought, just so I could say I had it. But the experience of being submerged in a field of study that I loved for a Masters degree gave me so much gratification. And yes, my pay grade increased. But that was incidental to the overall experience because I enjoyed the field and the study so much. So I would encourage you to make sure when you get your masters that you make sure it is in a field of study that you love. Graduate school can be an adventure for the curious.

Best of luck!

Thank you for your help Maeve K.

Thanks Dana this is really interesting! Savera B.

Thanks for your input! Andrea H.

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Matthew D.’s Answer

If you're interested in becoming an Accountant and CPA, the first priority when deciding whether to get a Masters degree would be related to the requirements of obtaining your CPA. If the requirements of getting a CPA in your state require the extra hours of a Masters degree, it seems advisable to go for your Masters. If a CPA does not require a Masters degree (extra school), then I suggest gaining work experience before going for extra school. I learned accounting a lot faster on the job than in a classroom, however my undergraduate education provided a good basis in accounting theory to be able to learn faster and provide context.

Ok thank you so much for this advice Maeve K.

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Jyothidhar’s Answer

From a software developer prespective.

It will NOT make it easier if you have a masters degree. Again if you have a masters degree is a specialized field and your targetting companies only in that field you have higher chances than a person with regular bachelors degree.

My personal experience is you dont really need a masters degree.

Thank you :) Maeve K.

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Andy’s Answer

I have a master's degree but my primary motivation for pursuing it was that my undergraduate degree was in a completely unrelated field. I got my bachelor's degree in biology. But I decided to pursue a career in art and for that I definitely needed more schooling and experience. But instead of going back for another bachelor's degree, I chose to get my master of fine arts degree.

I know that this isn't directly relevant to your situation, but it does help if you chose a different career path after finishing your undergraduate degree. For me it was good to get more focused and directed instruction.

Thanks for sharing your experience Maeve K.

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Ari’s Answer

I have always been told to earn your bachelors get a job and then after a few years go back to school to get your masters degree especially because in some cases the company you work for may pay for a portion of your studies.