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What is the CPA like?

I am about to enter college as an accounting major. I have heard a lot about the CPA exam. What is covered on this exam and do you think that colleges prepare you we'll for the exam? #college #business #accounting #exam

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4 answers

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Holly’s Answer

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Maeve, Hello I found so many sites on CPA prep test. You can dowload so many sample test and practice tutorials on your computer. You tube has many free tutorials too. Here is some sites I found with some sample test. This depends on the state you are in as well. Laws Vary in every state on exams. You can be certified in one state and if you move a need to take a new test for certifications in another place. Tutorial

The tutorial is a guided tour of the CPA Examination. It demonstrates the functionality of question types, tools, resources and navigation found in the Uniform CPA Examination. The tutorial is not available at test centers and does not contain actual Examination content.

Sample Tests http://www.aicpa.org/becomeacpa/cpaexam/forcandidates/tutorialandsampletest/pages/exam_tutorial_parallel.aspx
Copy and paste put in address bar. Or you can google Prep test for the CPA exam and practice. That will give you great ideas on what you will need to do to prepare to pass the test. I think you will do just fine. Yes, make sure to ask the questions of the college of your choosing if the pre test exam are covered. More than likely then not. I would always ask if in doubt. Be diligent you are leading the way. You are paying them to teach you to prepare for the opportunity, to have a great career. So ask questions. There are books on Amazon and bookstores, your college that you can find all the information to prep for the testing. Good luck. More to follow.

The sample tests provide candidates with a preview of the CPA Examination experience. It is a functional replica of the CPA Examination, and provides candidates with an opportunity to become familiar with the Examination’s format, in an interactive environment. Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with the Examination functionality demonstrated in the tutorial before they review the sample tests.

The sample test software allows candidates to answer test questions that represent all of the question types found on the CPA Examination: multiple choice (MCQ), written communication (WC) and task-based simulation (TBS). The sample tests do provide answers to sample questions but are not intended for use as study materials in preparation for the Examination. http://www.aicpa.org/becomeacpa/cpaexam/forcandidates/tutorialandsampletest/pages/exam_tutorial_parallel.aspx this is the site I used for information. This is called citations. When you write papers, you will find that you must always use refrences and citations. Then your teacher can go look and see where you got your information from. You will do fine.

Wow, this is very helpful thank you Maeve K.

Thank you for the info. Andrea H.

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Sydney’s Answer

Hi Maeve! I just finished my CPA exams a few months ago and it can definitely be a scary thought. To break it down, there are 4 separate exams (regulation/tax, audit, finance/financial accounting, and business environment/communication) and you have to pass all 4 to start toward getting your license. The specific requirements differ based on which state you live in/want to get your license in, but the basics are similar - pass all 4 exams and complete a 1 year "experience" requirement.

The exams are tough, but definitely doable. If you focus and work hard to study and prep for them, you can easily make it happen. Some college classes (like Audit or tax classes) can help you learn some things that could be tested on the exams. But using a test prep service (Becker, Ninja, Park Avenue Review) is very helpful. These services tailor their trainings to exactly what's on the exam and how the exam is structured, so you're used to the format and how questions are asked. Personally, I used Becker and is it was really helpful. I passed all of mine on the first try, but most people have to retake some exams multiple times. It totally depends on your testing habits and the way you learn on your own. Some of the test prep services have in-person classes, online lectures, books you can read, etc. Definitely research what options are out there to find out what will work for you if you decide to take the exams. Also look into your state's requirements for the exam and how that will play into the way you choose your college courses.

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Rachel’s Answer

The best way to prepare for the CPA exam is to use a review course because it will be tailored to the latest version of the exam and have all the information that could be covered on it. The best known course is Becker, but there are also cheaper options like Roger CPA review.

Personally, I used Becker. While the information on the exams is similar to what was taught in my accounting college courses, Becker goes more in depth and includes information on the exams that I had never learned. Also, keep in mind that in most states you cannot sit for the exam until you have already earned your undergraduate degree. So even for the material I'd already learned, I really needed a refresher and Becker did just that.

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Erin’s Answer

Hi Maeve,

There are four sections of the current CPA Exam, Business (BEC), Audit (AUD), Regulation (REG) and Financial Accounting and reporting (FAR). I used the ninja cpa exam prep course to pass all four. In my opinion it really helped to narrow down the information that you will need to pass.