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Jayelyn’s Avatar
Jayelyn Nov 02, 2021 217 views

How to go about picking a major

Deciding what major to go into college #college-major #major #hard

Kyra’s Avatar
Kyra Mar 27, 2018 849 views

Are you more likely to do better in a class if you create a study group?

The past two years in #college I have done everything in my classes alone and I have done pretty well, but on the other hand, my brother does nothing alone. He studies with his friends, he exchanges numbers with the people in his classes and he always has study groups at our house. I'm curious...

Delaini’s Avatar
Delaini Jan 20, 2018 477 views

What are some tips on not procrastinating on your work?

I am very guilty of waiting until the last minute to do assignments. #procrastination #needtogetaheadofthegame #struggle

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Jan 25, 2018 754 views

How does volunteering help you get into college?

At what level would volunteer hours help you get into college? people did a lot of volunteer works, but I don't know how do that would help you get into college. what information do people get from the volunteer works? #college #volunteerhours #collegeadives #collegeadministration...

Deana’s Avatar
Deana Jan 09, 2018 620 views

How do I create my own internship opportunity?

This summer I want to pursue an internship in government or nonprofits. In my local area there aren't a lot of opportunities for me, a first year college student. What would be the best way to approach some of the places and people I am interested in working with to create my own internship...

Zachariah ’s Avatar
Zachariah Sep 01, 2017 683 views

What is the best way to find grants to help pay for college?

I am asking, because I need help meeting ends for my college funding. #chemistry #grants #student-loans

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Sep 02, 2017 811 views

Would getting an associates in accounting benefit me?

Hello, I've always been interested in #accounting and #business. I have always loved helping my grandmother in her office when I was a child. A year ago, I ended up getting this wonderful position as an office manager at an auto repair shop. I know I am doing a great job, but I feel like there...

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Aug 15, 2017 715 views

Negatives/Positives in accounting

I am considering getting a degree in accounting because I like the flexibility of the career. I am right to think that? What are other benefits and negatives to accounting?


Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah May 05, 2016 674 views

what are some possible ways to pay for financial aid

Because Its Something Ima Need To Know In The Future And Colleges Already Asking Me About Financial Aid #colleges