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Kyra G. Mar 27, 2018 488 views

Are you more likely to do better in a class if you create a study group?

The past two years in #college I have done everything in my classes alone and I have done pretty well, but on the other hand, my brother does nothing alone. He studies with his friends, he exchanges numbers with the people in his classes and he always has study groups at our house. I'm curious...

#studying #studying-tips

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Kyra G. Mar 27, 2018 218 views

What is it like to transfer to a school out of state?

I went to Middlesex Community College in New Jersey for my first two years of college and I will be transferring out of state to St. John's University in the fall. I've lived at home my whole life and this will be my first time away from my family and I am curious to know how it will be....

#college-advice #college-transfer #college