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What is the best way to find grants to help pay for college?

Asked Flagstaff, Arizona

I am asking, because I need help meeting ends for my college funding. #chemistry #grants #student-loans

2 answers

Suzanne’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Zachariah - It's great that you're thinking about how to finance college. This video is pretty helpful in trying to give the basics of how to finance college: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQcFLDfFnFg From there, you'll get the idea that financing college consists of #grants, #scholarships, work study and #studentloans. Grants are given based on need while scholarships are based on merit. This website is super helpful to provide more information: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/types/grants-scholarships and also provides a link on where you can find scholarships that you may be eligible for: https://www.careeronestop.org/toolkit/training/find-scholarships.aspx There's a lot of good information out there - and even great specific information about your prospective college or university through Net Price Calculators. Check that out by going to this site: https://collegecost.ed.gov/netpricecenter.aspx which provides links to where you can calculate an approximate price for #college for each school. Hope this helps!

Bryan’s Answer

Updated Phoenix, Arizona
Great question! First have you considered the community college near you? I would look at that because the per credit costs are much less--just be sure the classes you take will be transferable to a 4 year college. I see you are in Flagstaff so Coconino Community College has a transfer to NAU, ASU, WIU, University of Phoenix. Check out this https://www.coconino.edu/advising From there start looking for scholarship options--places where family members work, local community organizations, etc. Speak to your high school counselor or an academic advisor at Coconino Community College. In addition to loans, grants and scholarships ask if they offer a work/study program. Typically you work for a reduced rate and they help with a discount of some sort. Hope that helps stretch the money for you!