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When applying for jobs, what are good questions for the interviewer?

It seems like every job interview (EVER) ends with the question: do you have any questions about the job/positions/etc.? I can never think of any good ones! Does anyone have any great go-tos they'd like to share for this situation? #interviewing-skills #interview-questions

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6 answers

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Vandana’s Answer

Best of the Village

The hiring process is as much about you getting to know the company, as it is about them getting to know you. Note that, you are being evaluated by the type of questions you ask too. So when it is your turn to ask questions, it is your time to impress them! I remember when I was interviewing for a Web Analyst role, the interviewer told me that for the first 30 minutes, I had to ask them questions, and for the next 30 minutes, they would interview me! Can you imagine what 30 minutes would feel like if you are not prepared? Thankfully I had done my research and felt pretty confident being the interviewer!

So here are a few questions and you can build upon these.
- Ask about the interview process (Most interviews will let you know what the whole process is /how many rounds, etc, but if they don't, you can ask this)
- What tools do you use? (Speaks a lot of how much the company is willing to invest, whether these are the latest technologies, etc)
- How often does your team communicate with each other? What is the mode of communication?
- What do you value most at work? (A personal question if you get to know who your reporting manager is)
- Can you explain what the work culture is like at your company?
- What do you like most about your job/company?

I came across the following questions from this site. Visit the link to learn more.
- How has this position evolved since it was created?
- What is the top priority for the person in this position over the next three months?
- What are some challenges that will face the person filling this position?

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Carole’s Answer

Best of the Village

Finding out about this company that you are applying to is the key to answering questions: Some points to think about.
1. When you are asked for an interview and the job seems within your skill set you should immediately look up the company by name. Then you should read the history and anything else about the company. As you read you jot down questions that come to you as your reading about this company. Then you can start phrasing the ideas that you found for questions the way you would in an interview. (sample)I noticed for this job I need to have good computer skills? What programs do you use?) (sample) I discovered in the history of your company started out in a small build on the other side of town with only 4 people. How did you get to be this large? This tells the interviewer that you have read about them and that you are interested in the company's background. You may get extra points for this in his final decision.
2. You can also ask personal questions for knowledge for the future if you work there such as:
What are some challenges that I might face within this organization on my first week of work? What are the attributes and skills that you are looking for to fit this particular job? When working as a team does the manager set the day and time of our meetings? It said in the description "Education in Business", if I am not quite finished with my degree program and only have a semester left, is it possible to continue my classes at night"? "One of my better skills is listed in the job description, it is computer graphics. Will I be able to use this skill at least 50% of the work time." This shows that you have some skills that they want and you like to do them.
3. Also Look again at the description of the job and the title of the job requested and you will be able to come up with more questions to ask the interview.
4. Maybe 4-5 questions is enough at the interview.
5. All other questions about money, insurance, vacations, holidays, can be saved for the time when you are offered the job. ( unless the interviewer bring up money in the interview, it is always best to leave it alone until you are offered the job.) It is not appropriate to haggle about the salary in the first interview.

I wish you the best on you interviews. From experience, interviewing is a game and you must be at ease not so nervous, with proper handshakes, clean and neat clothing, eye contact, and go with knowledge about this company. That makes the interviewer happy.! "Keep cool, neat, looking right at the interviewer, with all the knowledge you have to win this interview".

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Milly’s Answer

I also like to ask the following:
- What are the top 3 attributes you are looking for in your next hire? (this gives me an opportunity to respond with how I fit that bill.)
- What qualities help team members here be most successful? Or, What qualities are most valued in employees at this company?
- Do you have any 360 feedback mechanisms in place where employees rate their manager and the company? If so, how does this department tend to score in the areas of leadership, vision and culture?
- Out of the skills you list in the job requirements, how would you prioritize those from most important/critical to least (another opportunity to highlight that you have the most critical skillsets needed, even if you may not have all of the skills listed.)
- How would your team describe your management style?

Good luck!

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Poonam’s Answer


Indeed, I was feeling depleted following years of constant work. That is why I chose to take a break and invest some time with my near and dear ones on a rejuvenating break. I am glad to have returned completely revived.


I am of the opinion that an ideal compensation for any position perceives the skills, acknowledges the performance and gives the employee a chance to enjoy his hobbies and interests. I am certain that this organization additionally takes care of these.

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This, in all probability happens to be the first question that is asked, and you can expect amid any interview you confront. This is a question to initiate a dialogue and set the ball rolling for the interview. You can reply to this question by giving some information regarding your work experience, technologies you have experience in, academic qualifications and so on. On the off chance that you are a fresh graduate, you can give some information about your family moreover.

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Patrick’s Answer

There are a lot of directions one could take with the opportunity to ask questions as the interviewee! If you have genuine questions about the role or the company based off your research, certainly ask. Keep yourself in check, though, that in your research you aren't making assumptions about the company or the role as this will just set you up for missed expectations if you are offered and accept the position.

If you are very hopeful for the position, you could simply ask toward the end of the conversation if there is anything preventing the interviewer from moving you to the next round. This gives the interviewer an opportunity to identify for you feedback from your time together and leaves the interviewee an opportunity to fill some gaps if they're shared.
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ritesh’s Answer

1. What’s the employee attrition rate?

2. What position did you join in the company? How have you grown?

3. How often new ideas tried and discussed in the office?

4. How is success measures in your office?

5. Use the culture clues to find your own question

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