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What is one of the things you'll need to know in order to become an engineer

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2 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Hi Miss Ana,

One of the things that you would need to know is really about yourself. Do you like figuring 'stuff' out? And if the answer is 'yes', then the next series of questions go like this. Do you have the patience and determination to figure complicated problems out? (this doesn't necessarily mean hard...just very detailed, multi-faceted problems) Do you mind building your own tools to solve the problem at hand? Do you have the imagination to 'see' the solution before you get there? (that makes things fun, trust me) Do you like talking with folks? Finally, do you like math??

I too am from Texas (from a town not quite as big as Round Rock)...and those simple things have served me well in my journey. Now go out there and seek some school and summer STEM programs that will expose you to material, coursework and people who are walking the walk as an engineer. I am sure you will do well :)

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ritesh’s Answer


Sometimes, candidates end up choosing the wrong job and therefore it becomes very difficult for them to find job satisfaction. The work description of an engineer is that they do tangible works like bridges, buildings, etc. The pride of an engineer is linked with such marvelous constructions and developments.


Engineering offers you non-stop and ever-changing challenges. You will need to face lots of questions and problems to solve, creating buildings and formulas to check whether you have enough time to consider something else.


An engineer’s mind is the best accessory. There are lots of things to keep challenged and motivated. There are lots of things to keep you challenging and motivated. You need to be alert 24/7 and be surprised about your business.


You earn a good reputation in the society and in the industry. There are lots of opportunities for proving your skills and test your creativity. If you have an engineering degree then people will have high image for you with respect to your work.


There are lots of opportunities if you have done your engineering and it is not necessary that you will end up only as a programmer. There are lots options after engineering to flourish

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