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Daniela C. Oct 16, 2014 9076 views

I am about to complete a dual B.A in Global Business and Management as well as a minor in Education.. What field would you suggest pursuing? Is Edupreneurship something to look into?

I am an undergrad who concentrated on business but has recently explored and found great interest in the field of education. I would like to hear about others experience in transitioning from Business to Education or combining the two in a certain...

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Maeve O. Dec 03, 2014 2159 views

What are possible careers in public relations and communications?

I am an 11th grader interested in public relations. I like organizing and managing events, and fundraising. The job I am most familiar with in this field is event planning. I think I would be very good at it and I think I would enjoy it too because I like working with people and being able to...

#event-planning #communications #public-relations #marketing #business

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Payton . Apr 08, 2015 860 views

What restaurant should I go to to become a chef?

I'm a sixth grade student and my name is payton i love cooking and culinary arts i love to watch chef's to cook all different kinds of food #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #chefs...


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Joei Y. Jun 23, 2015 1096 views

How do i get experience in event planning?

I'm a Junior and I want to get some experience in event planning and I'm not sure how...

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Micah W. Jun 26, 2015 917 views

How do i become a event planner for party's at clubs?

I am 16 years old and i think being an event planner would be a good learning skill and it brings a lot of money in , i could travel the world. #event-planning...


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Kyle H. Oct 14, 2015 752 views

What doses a person in Farm Business Management do on a daily bases?

I am a Junior and am interested in being in this field. I am a very outgoing person and willing to try new things. What kind of education do u need? Is it stressful? What college offers the best education for this? Do you work on a team or do you work solo? Thank you! #business...

#farming #management

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Micah Y. Oct 20, 2015 696 views

How can you become a good cook and get a good degree for cooking?

I'm in the 6th grade and I love to cook and I want to get a good scholar ship so I can have a good future in cooking. How can I get a good scholar ship and have a great future in cooking. #restaurant...


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Oscar V. Dec 10, 2015 897 views

Is it hard owning a restaurant?

I am thinking of opening and owning a restaurant in San Francisco. I was wondering if it was really hard to open it and run it and be successful. #career...


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Green Teen K. May 02, 2016 737 views

What kinds of jobs exist related to protecting the environment?

As a Keep Austin Beautiful Green Teen, I am wondering how I can apply the environmental topics I have been learning about to a career. We have been learning about gardening, native plants, water quality, litter, and...

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Rachel N. May 19, 2016 555 views

How much does the major you graduate from college have to correlate with the career you plan to pursue?

I'm planning to be a chemical engineering major in the fall, but I really don't plan on becoming a chemical engineer. I want to work in some type of nonprofit organization (though I'm not exactly sure what position in those organizations). Is it possible for me to be able to pursue that career...

#chemical-engineering #nonprofits

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Rachel N. May 19, 2016 636 views

What are the positions within a nonprofit organization that allow you to interact with the people the organization is serving?

I am interested in having a career where I would work in a nonprofit organization either to better water quality worldwide or uplift and empower women worldwide. I want a position where I get to be a part of the process in ensuring the help gets to the people that need it using my math and...

#nonprofits #non-profits

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Micah S. May 19, 2016 439 views

What is the most important thing to look for when looking for a location for a Bar and Grill? How did you keep your costumers coming back?

I have seen very successful Bar and Grills in slow and very busy locations. How do you, or how did you decide on where to build your Bar? What do you look for in a customer base and how did you get them coming back? #business #real-estate...


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Forrest B. May 22, 2016 766 views

Will Cannabis or cannabis related industries, be the next production boom for america?

look at the media this is clearly a hot topic of debate, but for some reason talk has slowed I say lets re-open more discussion on this topic. #lawyer #entrepreneurship #investing #philosophy #judges #farming #cannabis...


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Kareem I. May 24, 2016 706 views

What are the pros and cons of the restaurant business?

Want to know from those deeply involved in the business. #chef #restaurants #restaurant...


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Alayna B. May 24, 2016 2503 views

What is the role and responsibilities of a project manager at a nonprofit organization?

I want to work for a nonprofit organization and I am trying to figure out what position would be best suited for me. #project-management #nonprofits #non-profit #non-profits...