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What is the most important thing to look for when looking for a location for a Bar and Grill? How did you keep your costumers coming back?

Asked Batavia, Illinois

I have seen very successful Bar and Grills in slow and very busy locations. How do you, or how did you decide on where to build your Bar? What do you look for in a customer base and how did you get them coming back? #business #real-estate #restaurants

2 answers

Meade’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

I have always been told the restaurants and bars are the riskiest business for a new entrepreneur. Strong advertising, good central location and solid on-line presence is essential. But if s bar is mostly empty, they won't come back often. You must offer something to draw them in such a drink specials, great ambiance, live music or games. Best of luck.

Laura Rose’s Answer

Updated Haslet, Texas

GOOD FOOD. good service. that's all you need. if you believe in the quality of your product and the people serving it, you can't go wrong.