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What is the most important thing to look for when looking for a location for a Bar and Grill? How did you keep your costumers coming back?

I have seen very successful Bar and Grills in slow and very busy locations. How do you, or how did you decide on where to build your Bar? What do you look for in a customer base and how did you get them coming back? #business #real-estate...


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Alec A. Jan 11, 2017 538 views

What type of classes should I take to become a real estate agent.

What type of classes should I take to become a real estate agent. College is important and I need to be prepared....


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Khwezi M. Jan 12, 2017 604 views

Hi . I am really concerned about my future at the moment. I have always wanted to do something in the Communication Science/Media field but I have learnt that it's contaminated right now. I'm confused. I am thinking of doing something in Law.

I'm asking because I don't know what to do . I need to know ASAP because I'm choosing subjects at school and I'm really confused. I'm bad at math but I'm sticking with pure math because I believe it opens more doors in University so I'll try it but I'm scared . I'm a very good speaker and a...

#marketing #teaching #communications #media #law #law-enforcement #media-production #real-estate

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Gaby P. Mar 22, 2017 582 views

what are some good colleges for real estate?

Doesnt matter where it is as long as its a good recommended school #real-estate #home #first-time-home-buyers...