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What type of classes should I take to become a real estate agent.

What type of classes should I take to become a real estate agent. College is important and I need to be prepared. #real-estate

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I agree with all the previous advice.
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Business classes like business law, accounting, in particular . Understand contracts , cash flow analysis , investments

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I am not a real estate agent, I am a real estate Investor. But I have trained agents to assist m and you may not want to hear what I say> Very successful agents have outstanding Marketing, organization and accounting skills. Marketing is everything. You must organize your time or you waste a tremendous amount of marketing dollars and your time. You must keep on top of budgeting and keep your taxes up to date or eventually you will have to make poor choices just to survive.

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Check with your school and the real estate commission to see what courses will qualify for the license requirements in your state. You can do some in your college, I'm sure and then supplement with local real estate course providers. Some classes can be taken online. Best of luck.

Last updated Jan 12 '17 at 10:47

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