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What are the positions within a nonprofit organization that allow you to interact with the people the organization is serving?

I am interested in having a career where I would work in a nonprofit organization either to better water quality worldwide or uplift and empower women worldwide. I want a position where I get to be a part of the process in ensuring the help gets to the people that need it using my math and science skills, but I want to interact with the people in need as well. #nonprofits #non-profits

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3 answers

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Amy’s Answer

That's a great question. When you start looking at nonprofit jobs, you'll want to took for titles like program coordinator, program manager or program director. Nonprofit management is a great thing to study, and I know some 4-year colleges offer that as a minor option. Just know, that as you progress in your career and move up the management ladder, you will likely spend less time working directly with the people your organization serves. Something to be aware of. As a nonprofit fundraiser, I try to make sure that I volunteer or try to help out on the direct service side as much as a I can because it helps o remind me why I'm there doing what I do. Best of luck!

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Julie’s Answer

That's exactly what I want to do! non profit management is what you're looking for. You do need to start at entry level and work you're way up. Research the nonprofits in your area.

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Laura Rose’s Answer

No matter what position you're in at a non-profit, you're pretty much guaranteed to be working with the people you're serving. The only exceptions I can think of are if you're working for a VERY LARGE non profit where everyone's job is specifically identified.