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Career Questions tagged Endangered Species

Brianna B.’s Avatar
Brianna B. Mar 27, 2018 427 views

What are the precautions for posting signs in a beach?

I'm a future marine biologist and I plan to specialize in sea turtle rehabilitation. I want to help the sea turtles before they become endangered. One plan I have for helping the population is by posting signs with the phone number of the sea turtle rehabilitation center I end up working at so...

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C R.’s Avatar
C R. Jan 09, 2018 545 views

What career would you suggest

I am a freshman in college and I am currently majoring in Zoology. I have always had a love of animals and an interest in endangered animals. I am unsure of what career would be right for me. I am not interested in being a vet, but I would love a career involving animals. career animals...

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Beau W.’s Avatar
Beau W. Dec 19, 2017 440 views

I would like hands-on work that allows travel in a nonprofit organization that helps endangered species. What degree(s) should I pursue?

I am willing to get involved with anything from the sciences to social work. I just need recommendations, or directions to a degree/ course of study I can look into that will get me moving forward. Thank you! nonprofits endangered-species career public-sector animals...