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In cooking can you focus on one certain type of food?

Updated Justin, Texas

hi I'm in the 6th grade and like to cook and I would like to know if you can focus on one traditional foods because I know more about one food then others #chef #experts #restaurant #cook

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Daniela’s Answer

Updated State of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil

Hi Archie,

  • The best way to get a specialized chef job is to specialize in food that you know from the country that you are from. Specialized chefs are usually in demand in restaurants that have a specific country theme like Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, or Brazilian among others. Learning to cook in the specific styles will also require some un-training, as it were, and the following of age old recipes to get the perfect specialized dishes that you require.

  • Sometimes, specialized chef jobs are wanted that ask you to specialize in a few different food styles. For example, there are many restaurants that offer Asian cuisine, which means that you have to be comfortable and talented with Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. Whatever cuisine you specialize in, you can be sure that you will find the perfect chef jobs anywhere in the world. The more you know about other cultures and different cuisines, the better it will be for your career opportunities.

  • Depending on what kind of chef or cook you want to be, you will have to specialize in other areas. The chef de cuisine or head cook will specialize in every aspect of the kitchen. When you want to learn to cook and become a chef, you will have to also learn about the other parts of the kitchen including being a dishwasher, kitchen assistant and food preparer. This will help you understand the functions of the kitchen and give you adequate chef training.

  • There are hundreds of culinary schools that you can attend to receive your diploma or degree in the culinary arts. You can also choose a specialty and get a diploma, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, restaurant management or hospitality management. Just about every cooking school offers all of these courses and you can find tons of culinary schools near you, just by checking on the internet.

  • The chef job description includes having to manage a kitchen and staff of other chefs and food preparers. Depending on what kind of chef job you have, you will have a different responsibility in the kitchen. The goal however is to work with everyone else as a team. Cooking is the main job of any chef, but with added jobs of managing your kitchen so that it runs smoothly. If you are not interested in this stressful side of being a chef, you can opt to become a personal chef, making food for specific people and working mainly on your own. This can, for some chefs, be a far more rewarding side of cooking.

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Good Luck in your decisions!

I like this question.Thank you.