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Should I be a chef of my own establishment or work my way up?

Updated New York, New York

Would it be better to open my own restaurant and be an executive chef of start as a line chef and work my way up? #chef #cooking #culinary #restaurant

2 answers

Conor’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

It depends on what you wish to do; if your end goal is being a restaurant entrepreneur, opening your own restaurant is a quicker path but you need to have financing to do so in the first place...and unless you're already rich, this requires credibility which is best obtained by having experience in the restaurant industry by working your way up, of which one way is starting out being a line chef.

Sarah’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

I would recommend working for a restaurant first so that you are knowledgeable and know what is required to run a successful business. With the knowledge you learn from that, you would be able to open a much more successful restaurant. Having some experience is better than diving into a difficult job unprepared.