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How to make a decision about careers?

I have heard a lot of different things about careers, from friends, family, and teachers, but I really have no idea how to make a decision. How do other people make this decision? When do they make this decision? #career-choice...


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Shatasia B. Jan 06, 2012 2492 views

Do you ever get nervous when getting ready to perform? If so, what helps to calm the nerves?

In theatre, Movies, Television, and other acting-related things, do you ever come across nerves when getting ready to go on set? If you do, what helps you to get over it and just do it anyways? #art...


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Shatasia B. Jan 06, 2012 31801 views

How much does it cost to be an actor?

Im a freshman and I am interested in being an actress. Before I jump to just wanting to act, I want to know how much money it will cost...

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DestinyCodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 4628 views

What is daily life like as a lawyer?

I like arguing my point and speaking my opinion. I would like to know what it's like everyday being a lawyer #law...


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JessicaLynn . Jan 13, 2012 2383 views

How do you get and keep people coming into your bakery?

I really want to be a Pastry Chef. I would like to know how you keep customers when there is so many other choices for them to go to especially me living in New York City #entrepreneurship #baking...


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AustinNFTEFoodFin . Jan 13, 2012 1511 views

how do you handle defending a person when you know that they did the crime?

i find it hard to defend a person when i know that they've done something wrong. #law...


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Jared C. Jan 18, 2012 2744 views

What does it take to be a pro-athlete, or do other extraordinary things like that?

[This question is posed by the CareerVillage staff] When students want to do something extraordinary which typically has a low-likelihood of success, how should they prepare themselves for achieving this? Examples of these types of careers include: - Professional athlete - Astronaut -...

#career-paths #career-choice #sports

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what steps do I have to take to be a chef with a television show?

I'm a junior in high school and can cook very well. I also Took several cooking classes but have no idea on how to get discovered who to speak with to get to that point. #chef #cooking...


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Edward L. Jan 19, 2012 2974 views

What type of photography should I pursue a career in ?

Im 16 years old and i want to pursue a career in photography, but i don't know the different types of photography there are. i don't know much about it and i hope someone could help me out. #photography...


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Ggonzalez13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 1666 views

How can i get recruiters attention for football if my high school does not have a football program?

I am at the Business of Sports School and the main sport is basketball but i am interested in football. I am a 17 year old junior and have played for an organization called the Harlem Jets outside of school. I would like to be looked at by recruiters but don't know how to make that happen....

#athlete #football #sports

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I would like to know what it takes to become a sports journalist?

Hello I am 16 years old from the Business of Sports School in New York, i am very interested in becoming a sports journalist and I am almost certain i want to do this but i would also like to explore in other fields involving the business of sports, specifically broadcasting, Reporter, and...

#media #journalism #sports

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Alex T. Jan 19, 2012 7216 views

What steps did you take in high school to start your journalism career?

I am Alex Torres, a 16 year old junior who is eager to start my sports journalism career. I always wanted to be a sports journalist because of my passion for sports and willing to start taking the necessary steps to start my writing career #sports...


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Keyauna R. Jan 19, 2012 3462 views

What Steps Are Necessary In Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur and What Challenges Do You Face Along the Way?

I Am An 11th Grader at The Business of Sports School. I Want To Pursue a Career In Public Relations and Communications. I Just Want to Know The Steps Needed to Succeed In this Field and The Challenges You Overcome Along The Way. Please and Thank You. #journalism #career-paths #communications...

#writing #public-relations #specialists

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Ricardo T. Jan 20, 2012 4028 views

Does the name of your college actually make a difference?

I've heard rumors that the name of the college/university that you attend has a great affect on who you will be and the amount of respect and money earned. Is this actually true when it comes to science and math? #education #money...


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ElizabethOppNet2017 . Jan 23, 2012 1957 views

Which courses should I take in college if I want to work as a researcher after I graduate?

I want to study science in college and work as a researcher in cancer, but I do not know which courses I need to take in college to accomplish my goal. #science #research...