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What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in Sociology & Anthropology?

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1 answer

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Conor’s Answer

Hi! I have a good many friends who studied anthropology or sociology in college.

The academic path takes you to being.... an anthropologist or sociologist! In part teaching and training the next generation.

However, studying either anthropology or sociology courses for several years is still general enough that many professional careers with no academic analog (for example, all types of business) use research and writing skills that you gain from studying anthropology or sociology academically.

Conor recommends the following next steps:

Search for careers in anthropology or what is an anthropologist to learn more. (There are many types including cultural anthropology, studying how different cultures and people are all around the world.)
Search for careers in sociology, similarly.
Search for "what can I do with an anthropology degree" or "what can I do with a sociology degree" to get more opinions. One example of a search: