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How do you deal with the pressure in the kitchen with the head chef, without getting angry?


I saw a few culinary tv shows and it was hard to see how the head chef was getting angry and and yelling at the others chefs because a dish was not prepared properly. #chef #cooking #restaurant

4 answers

Eli’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

It's not always like it looks on TV but Chef's do get angry. "Yes, Chef" is the right answer most of the time in the moment. A really great chef is also a great teacher. If they yell at you they will also explain what is wrong and how to make it better. It can be frustrating but it is part of learning in the kitchen.

Thank you for your input. It is definitely true that cooking shows aren't always a good representation of what it is like to truly work in that field.
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Jamal’s Answer

Updated Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Whenever I was the head chef in my group, I tell jokes and have fun with everyone. It also helps to sing a song or two. Don't worry about it at all, you'll be fine.

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Paige’s Answer

Updated Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Often a head chef will yell because in the moment something is urgent or needs to be fixed right away. The best way to handle the pressure is to say yes chef and do as they ask and if you have questions or disagree bring it up later on when the rush is over.

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Steffi’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee

Contrary to what t.v shows display, head chefs are not always like this. I will say that they do have a lot of pressure on them. My ex spouse and I owned a restaurant for 17 years. He was the head chef. The best thing you can do is to do your job as best you can and take whatever necessary steps you can do help the chef out. Examples are keeping the restaurant tidy, doing dishes, prepping food, just anything you can do before the chef has to ask for it will go a long way. Hope this helps!!!!

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