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How long do you have to be in school to be a film maker?

Asked Lake Worth, Florida

Hi my name is Jeremy. I would be interested in becoming a movie director. I think that directing movies would be very interesting and I like movies. #theater #film-acting #actors #films #directing #movie

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Heather’s Answer

Updated Syracuse, New York

Film making sounds fabulous! I am not sure how long you would have to be in school exactly, but at least a four year degree. Important is to look into a school that has network and connections such as Full Sail or New York Film Academy. Keep in mind, this field is highly competitive, so be sure to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Rub elbows with everyone and anyone that might help you started and intern, volunteer, get as much experience under your belt as possible.

Develop a portfolio of all your works to show your talent when applying because most undergrad programs want to see some of your work to accept you into their program.

Thank you!