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How can I be successful in this space??

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1 answer

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Marisa’s Answer

Hi Victor!
If you're talking about this space, Career Village, here is what I would suggest:
First, read through others questions and see what people are talking about and what interests you.
1. Identify your interests - what hobbies, interests do you have?
2. What are you good at? Numbers, Art, Writing...?
3. What is important to you? Money, travel, job security?
4. Explore careers that may fit the above and think about the professionals you know - friends, family, mentors, professors - or here on this site.
5. Talk to us and ask us questions about what kind of resources and education do you need. What skills do I need to do it (example: if you want to be in IT - what kind of school do I need? Should I intern somewhere?)

We're here to help you but you have to do some internal thinking about what you like and what you want to do someday.
I hope this helps, and good luck!