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Camilla Jun 18 588 views

Should I worry about AI taking over the possible jobs as a business major?

I want to make absolutely sure that I have security in my career in the future.

And in the case that AI does take many people's work in business, what are some business-related careers that AI probably won't bother with?

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Camilla Jun 18 660 views

What are some skills to put on a resume as a college freshman with no work experience (For entry-level jobs)?

Thank you so much to anyone who answers, It would be a lot of help!

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Camilla Jun 18 415 views

What are some hard skills that employers like in the retail industry?

For entry-level positions.

Thanks so much to anyone who answers!

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Camilla Jun 18 320 views

Is it possible to learn retail inventory management system and the technology used without a retail job?

I apologize if this is a silly question, I'm wondering because I want to better prepare myself for part-time work in retail.