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Esly yesterday 34 views

what is the best route to become a forensic pathologist

What is the best route in college (classes/major/involvement) to become a forensic pathologist?

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Lilia Nov 17 89 views

How do I reenter workforce after 9 year absence due to staying at home with children How do I update resume? What jobs should I look for? ?

Ive been home with my kids for 9 years. previously I had 5 years of experience managing a law firm(admin) and then worked in Events/Weddings. Where do I start? How do I fill in technology skills ive missed out on or job skills I might need?

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Nov 05 129 views

What do you do if you start to panic during an interview?

Hi, I have an upcoming internship interview for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. I'm very excited for this opportunity and the role that I am interviewing for (Robotics Engineer Intern — Maritime Systems), but I am very nervous and scared that I'll mess up the interview. In...

Heaven’s Avatar
Heaven Nov 03 86 views

What path can I take if I want to go into dermatology but the years for education are shorter?

I want to be able to get into dermatology but I am struggling to commit because I do not want to go through 12-14 years of education. Are there any other roles similar to dermatology that require fewer years? I am not interested in estheticians, however

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Heaven Nov 03 124 views

How can you figure out what path to take when getting into the medical field?

As someone who wants to get into the medical field, I am still unsure on what career path to take. How would I know what path I should take in such as big field? I am personally interested in dermatology, however, I am unsure if I want to go through med school.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Nov 03 149 views

How would I go about finding someone to interview for my finals?

How would I go about going finding someone to interview that is working in a field related to my major? (history) It's for finals and I have no social connection whatsoever.

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John Oct 25 83 views

What colleges offer good courses on video production?

I am looking to attend a college after high school which has video production courses. I would like to know which colleges offer courses on video production or something similar to video production

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Oct 23 270 views

What "path" does one take to get a degree in computer science (or in that area, programing, software etc.) in junior year (3rd) of high school ?

I'm currently a third year in high school and still lost on what path to take to get to a computer science degree or in similar area. I feel like it might be too late to correct my path I've made without thinking.

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ZhenPeng Oct 17 81 views

What is computer science?

Peter not to say.

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Jason Oct 17 183 views

What is the best major for someone wanting to work in the automotive industry?

I am an 11th grader right now. For nearly my entire life, I've had an interest in cars. It would be a dream for me to have a career in the automotive industry. However, I'm not sure what college majors would be best suited for this career path. I know that mechanical engineering, along with...

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Weizhang Oct 16 111 views

How do you study for math tests?

when I have a math test I usually never study, it's just that I can't think of any other way to study other than to redo all my ws and the practice test and I feel that doing all that would be too time-consuming.

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Weizhang Oct 16 86 views

How do I get better at English?

I don't get it when teachers ask what is the meaning behind this text/ or something on the line.

Weizhang’s Avatar
Weizhang Oct 16 81 views

What math class is most beneficial for a high school student who wants to major in STEM?

What AP class in general would be most helpful for a STEM major?

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Zhichun Oct 15 129 views

Why is there so much homework?

Those assignments always keep me up late. XnX

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mohamed Oct 08 140 views

What is the most recommended career?

I am in 8th grade

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