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Hi. I am from Philippines. How can I get scholarship?

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3 answers

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Shajuana’s Answer

Hi Marifer,
This is a very good question. There are so many ways to apply for scholarships. If you are in high school I would recommend going to the counseling office and asking about scholarships. There are many scholarships that are given through the school that many students are unaware of. If you are a college student, check your college’s website or advising board for scholarship postings. There are many scholarships online that are broad or specific ( gender, major, etc.). There are many companies who give scholarships like Pepsi, Google, and many other large and local businesses. There are many scholarships for students in your community too. Another options, is applying for grants. Grants are another source of free money that you don’t have to pay back.Check with your university to see the grants they offer; they are usually listed with the scholarships on your college’s website. Also, there are many free grants online too. The FASFA website offers many resources for scholarships and grants too. I hope this helps!

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Melisa’s Answer


Kumusta ka. My mom was born in Luzon. Thanks for your question.

You can search by global scholarships and key words and as others suggested, by researching for specific areas, companies or local school and government sites.

Some companies may offer a chance to work while completing your education as well.

Check out this link:

Also this one:

Best wishes on your education, scholarship search and future goals!

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Also check out https://www.scholarships.com/
Be prepared with your information, essay, volunteerism, experience, etc. so you can fill out applications completely when applying.

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Myleen’s Answer

For a start, I would recommend you to check out your guidance office if they have any details about scholarships. If you are attending a public school, you may want to check your local municipal government too.
Next would be directly going to the Universities / Colleges websites to inquire which courses have scholarship available.
And lastly, multinational companies in the Philippines do offer scholarships so I would say, google your heart out! Then reach out to the companies to see the requirements to get in.